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Push Button Spigot For Igloo Coolers - GENUINE IGLOO #8147 REPLACEMENT PUSH BUTTON FAUCET / SPIGOT WITH GASKET & NUT. FITS ALL 1 to 10 GALLON IGLOO BEVERAGE COOLERS (and most other brands of water coolers). PRICE/EACH.
Push Button Spigot For Igloo Coolers
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PRODUCT: GENUINE IGLOO #8147 (formerly #9590) REPLACEMENT PUSH BUTTON FAUCET / SPIGOT ASSEMBLY WITH GASKET, SEALING WASHER & NUT. FITS ALL 1 - 10 GALLON IGLOO BEVERAGE / WATER COOLERS (and most other brands), as well as many other free-standing water dispensers. PRICE/EACH.

DESCRIPTION: This is a superior replacement part for many water coolers. It features a rugged front push button. (Top plastic handle types of faucets are easily broken and worn). Includes a new sealing gasket, sealing washer and plastic nut.

DIMENSIONS: The screw thread outside diameter is 0.86". The length of the threaded shank is 0.80"

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