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SL1 Self Leveling Joint Sealant, LIMESTONE Color, 825mL Tube - MasterSeal SL-1 (formerly called Sonolastic SL 1), Limestone Color, One-part, Self-leveling Polyurethane Concrete Expansion Joint Sealant. 825ml Tube(28 Oz.). Price/Tube. (12 tubes/case)
SL1 Self Leveling Joint Sealant, LIMESTONE Color, 825mL Tube
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PRODUCT: MasterSeal SL-1 (formerly called Sonolastic SL 1), Limestone Color, Self-leveling Polyurethane Concrete Expanion Joint Sealant. 825ml (28 Oz.) Tube. Price/Tube.

DESCRIPTION: The Limestone (light-gray) color more closely matches newly poured concrete for good appearance. Sonneborn SL 1 joint sealant is a one-component, self-leveling, UV resistant, exterior grade, non-priming polyurethane sealant designed for creating, sealing and waterproofing all type of concrete and metal expansion joints up to 1-1/2" in width. It has 300 psi tensile and 800% Elongation.
For joints wider than 1-1/2", SL2 is recommended.
SL1 requires no mixing and bonds to many materials without a primer, including concrete, masonry, metals, fiberglass, etc.
Use together with Backer Rod to create proper design of expansion joints.

  • Concrete floors
  • Metal Decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Roofs and decks
  • Commercial kitchen floors
  • Plaza decks
  • Parking Garages
  • Exterior or Interior
  • With 800% elongation and 350 PSI tensile strength it is recommended where flexibility as well as abrasion and puncture resistance are required.
Not recommended for asphalt sealing, asphalt expansion joints, or contact with asphalt products.

COVERAGE: One 825ml TUBE yields about 36 lineal ft. of 1/2" x 1/4" joint. See Application Yield Rates for other sizes.

CURE: Skins over: within 24 hours, Foot traffic: 3 days, Full cure: 1 week



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SL1 Sealant, Self Leveling, LIMESTONE color (2G)
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SL2 Polyurethane Wide-Joint Sealant, LIMESTONE Pretint, 1.5G
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