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Polycoat Staingard 1110 BLACK Color, 1G Kit - POLYCOAT STAINGARD 1110 BLACK COLOR. 1 GAL KIT (A+B CANS). PRICE PER KIT. (Ground shipping only; 340 VOC cannot ship to SCAQMD or restricted states.)
Polycoat Staingard 1110 BLACK Color, 1G Kit
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PRODUCT: POLYCOAT STAINGARD 1110 BLACK COLOR. 1 GAL KIT (A+B CANS). PRICE/KIT. (Ground shipping only; 340 VOC cannot ship to SCAQMD or restricted states.)

Special Order Terms Apply (not returnable).
COLOR: BLACK Gloss finish (tan, black grey Indian Sand and clear also available)

DESCRIPTION:  Polycoat-Staingard 1110 is a two component, aliphatic polyester-polyurethane for use in moderate to severe chemical and traffic environments in either indoor or outdoor applications. Excellent fuel, oil and solvent resistance. VOC is 340 and cannot be shipped to S. Calif or other VOC restricted areas. Also available in low VOC.

  • Finish Waterproofing Concrete or Wood Decks (use over PC260 or PC440 basecoats)
  • Concrete
  • Stained Concrete (test first)
  • Plywood
  • Pedestrian Traffic
  • Vehicular Traffic
  • Power Generating Plants
  • Storage Tanks
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Steel Structures & Bridges
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Milling and Mining Industry
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Warehouse floors
Preparation: All surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants.
Existing Coatings: A test area should be completed before top coating.
Prime interior and exterior floors and slabs, or apply as a finish topcoat over Polycoat basecoat waterproofing systems.
Coverage: Apply Polycoat-Staingard 1110 Pigmented to the substrate at a rate of one-half gallon per 100 sq. ft. (1.9 liters/m²) per coat (results in 5+/-2 mils dry film thickness).
Generally two coats are applied. Additional coat may be necessary to achieve desired results. DO NOT APPLY THICKER COATS.
RECOMMENDED: Roller- Use solvent resistant phenolic core, short nap sheepskin or equal natural roller covers.
Brush: Use solvent resistant chip brush with mohair or natural bristle brush with feather edge.
Conventional Spray: Variations of conventional production spray equipment such as pressure pot, air assisted airless or high volume, low pressure systems as supplied by Binks, Graco, Nordson, Devilbiss or equal may be used.
Airless Sprayer: Use Graco 28:1 pump or higher, Binks “Airless” spray gun with Reversa-Clean 0.017-0.019 spray tips and a" solvent resistant fluid line. Adjust pump pressure to the lowest possible setting that provides proper atomization. Equipment of equal performance is acceptable.

WARNING: This product contains Isocyanates and Solvent. Part-A of this product is considered Dangerous Goods. DOT regulations classify it as: PAINT, Class 3, UN 1263, PG III, FLAMMABLE LIQUID. SHIPPING SURCHARGES APPLY.
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