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Roof Anchor, Single-Use, Falltech 7430 (1) - Falltech #7430 Single-Use Roof Anchor, with fasteners. Price/Each.
Roof Anchor, Single-Use, Falltech 7430 (1)
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PRODUCT: Falltech #7430 Single-Use Roof Anchor, with fasteners. Price/Anchor (1)

DESCRIPTION: #7430 single-use roof anchor is constructed using rugged alloy steel with a yellow chromate finish.

It is easily installed by bending it to conform to any roof peak and driving 14 16d nails through the holes and into the truss. When finished, simply hammer over the protrusion and cover with ridge caps.


* Conforms to any roof pitch.
* Installs easily into trusses
* Uses 14 each 16D nails (INCLUDED)
* Use as needed, then hammer over and leave in place
* Fully compliant with OSHA and ANSI requipments.
* Meets full 5,000 lbs. safety rating


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