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#14 x 6 Stainless Steel Drill Point Roofing Screw, Phillip Head (1000) - #14 x 6 Inch Stainless Steel Roofing Screw, Self Drilling Point (TEK), Phillips Head. For attachment of insulation board. 1000/Box. Price/Box.
#14 x 6 Stainless Steel Drill Point Roofing Screw, Phillip Head (1000)
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PRODUCT: #14 x 6" Phillips Head, Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel, Drill Point (TEK), Self Drilling Roofing Screw. 1000/Box. Price/Box.

MFG PART: TruFast #HD-6000-SS.

* 0.425" diameter head.
* 0.100" thick pan head.
* #3 Phillips truss /pan head.
* Thread Area: 3-7/8" Thread Length.
* Stainless Alloy ASTM 493 alloy S42010 (15%Cr-1%Ni-1%Mo)
* 13 Threads / inch.
* RC 50-52 hardened drill point

* Factory Mutual Systems Approved: JI-1H2Ao.Am, JI-OJ9A1.am, JI-iG1A6.am.
* Factory Mutual approved for wood decks.
* Recommended for 18 to 24 gauge metal decks, metal roof, or metal panels.

* Corrosion resistance: Passes ASTM-B117 (salt), ASTM-B368 (acid), and Kesternich DIN-50018 SFW2.0s.
* Pull Out Values in metal:
  18 ga: 830 lbs.
  20 ga: 656 lbs.
  22 ga: 472 lbs.
  24 ga: 347 lbs.

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