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8D Common Nail, Hot Dipped , Smooth 2-1/2, Bulk (50 LB.) - 28D Hot Dipped COMMON Nails, Smooth Shank, 3-1/2 in. Bulk, 50 LB. Box. Price/Box.(about 4300 nails)
8D Common Nail, Hot Dipped , Smooth 2-1/2, Bulk (50 LB.)
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PRODUCT: 2-1/2" 8D length, Hot Dipped, Smooth Shank, Common Nails, Bulk, 50 LB. BOX. PRICE/BOX. (about 4300 nails)

Hot Galvanized Dipped. Meets ASTM A153 Standards.
10-1/4 Ga, 0.131" Wire Size.
9/32" Head Diameter.
Diamond point
Round barbed shank.

APPLICATIONS: Framing, Decking, ETc.

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