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Milwaukee 7155-21 18 Ga Narrow Crown Stapler Kit - Milwaukee 7155-21 Pneumatic 18 Gauge Narrow Crown (L-Series, 1/4 in. crown) Stapler Kit. Includes, tool safety glasses, Oil, Wrench, Box of Staples and Carrying case. NEW with 5-Year Warranty. Price/Kit. SpecialSale. Supply Limited.
Milwaukee 7155-21 18 Ga Narrow Crown Stapler Kit
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PRODUCT: Milwaukee 7155-21 Pneumatic 18 Gauge L-Series 1/4" Narrow Crown Stapler Kit. NEW. Price/Kit.
Unbeatable 5-year factory warranty.
DESCRIPTION: Milwaukee's Heavy-Duty 18 gauge Narrow Crown (L-Series 1/4" rown) Stapler Kit. Includes pneumatic tool, safety glasses, 2 oz. oil, hex wrenches, one box of staples (1000), durable carrying case. 
* Ultra lightweight magnesium housing to minimize fatigue.
* Compact size offers greater maneuverability.
*  Ergonomic grip and balance combined with its compact size offers great control and maneuverability
* Reload indicator prevents missing nails in trim work and damage to finer woods.
* Textured selectable trigger lets you choose sequential or contact actuation by simply turning a knob.
* Bottom-loading magazine allows quick loading and unloading of fasteners.
* Magazine holds 101 staple in 3/8 in. to 1-1/2 in. lengths.
* Adjustable and removable belt hook provides convenience for carrying.
* Tool-free depth of drive protects from overdriving nails.
* Self-cleaning air filter extends life by preventing dirt and debris from entering the tool.
* Adjustable air deflector with muffler directs exhaust away from the work area and holds down the noise.
* Operating Pressure: 70-120 PSI
* Nail Collation Angle: 0 degrees
* Air Consumption: 0.03 cu.ft. / cycle
* Air Inlet Fitting: 1/4 inch NPT
* Magazine Capacity: 101 Staples
* Tool Weight: 2.7 lbs. (VERY light)
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