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FOAM EAR PLUGS, NRR 32 (200 pair) - Soft Foam Un-corded Ear Plugs, NRR 32dB. 1-Pair/Poly Bag. 200 Pair/Box. Price/Box.
FOAM EAR PLUGS, NRR 32 (200 pair)
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PRODUCT: Soft Foam Un-corded Ear Plugs, NRR 32dB. 1 Pair/Pack. 200 Packs/Box. Price/Box (200 pair).


  • Non-allergenic (hypo-allergenic), soft, tapered conformal foam provides long term comfort.
  • Smooth finish is dirt resistant for good hygene.
  • NRR 32 bB : Very good hearing protection !
  • Convenient packaging for distribution Each pair of plugs is individually wrapped.
  • Bright color for visibility.
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