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#16/40 Mesh Arctic Marble Sand (100 Lb.) - #16/40 MESH ARCTIC WHITE MARBLE SAND (near-white sand), . 100 LB. BAG. PRICE/BAG. 30 bags/pallet. (Special Order, leadtime 5 days; Special freight avail).
#16/40 Mesh Arctic Marble Sand (100 Lb.)
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PRODUCT: ARCTIC WHITE MARBLE SAND (near-white sand), #16/40 MESH. 100 LB. BAG. PRICE/BAG. 30 bags/pallet. Discount Freight Available on pallet quantities. Please email us. (special order, 5 day leadtime)

FEATURES: A select grade and finely crushed / screened marble (calcium carbonate) designed to create high reflectivity, very durable surface elastomeric roof coatings and other coatings.

Sized to optimize appearance and "fill-in" of surface area so that maximum wear, UV resistance is obtained and deck life is extended.


Two methods can be used:

1. Apply an initial layer of waterproof deck topcoat by roller at the rate of 3/4 Gallons per 100 square feet. Immediately broadcast granules into wet coating to refusal (completely coat surface). Work quickly or a section at a time in hot weather. After curing, usually 24 hours, apply second topcoat.


2. Mix granules into topcoat and apply. Stir about 1/4 granules to 3/4 coating. Stir thorougly and frequently. Apply one coat at the rate of 1 gallon per 100 square feet.

PACKAGING: 100 Lb. Bags.


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