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BASF Construction Grout, General Purpose (50lb) - BASF MBT Construction Grout. General purpose construction mineral-aggregate
non-shrink grout. 50 Lb/Bag. Price/Bag.
BASF Construction Grout, General Purpose (50lb)
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PRODUCT: BASF MBT Construction Grout, General construction, mineral-aggregate non-shrink grout. 50 Lb/Bag. Price/Bag

DESCRIPTION: Construction Grout is a noncatalyzed, multi-purpose construction grout containing mineral aggregate.

  • Normal loads for columns and baseplates
  • Bedding grout for precast panels
  • Repairing of cavities resulting from ineffective
  • concrete consolidation
  • Caulking concrete pipe
  • Backfilling, underpinning foundations, and pressure grouting of slabs needing alignment
  • General construction applications
  • Damp pack applications
  • Fastener Size: 1" to 2" Collated, # 6, #7 and #8
  • Length: 16"
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs
  • Motor: 14.4 V
  • RPM: 4000
  • Bit Size: 154 mm
  • Interior or exterior

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