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AES-100 Flexible Epoxy Roof Coating, LIGHT GRAY (1G) - Advanced Epoxy Systems AES-100 Class-A Fire Rated, 2-part Flexible Epoxy Roof Coating System, 83% Solids, LIGHT GRAY Color. 1-Gallon Kit. Price/Kit. (Flammable when liquid, UPS Ground or truck shipment only).
AES-100 Flexible Epoxy Roof Coating, LIGHT GRAY (1G)
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PRODUCT: Advanced Epoxy Systems AES-100, 2-part Flexible Epoxy Coating System, 83% Solids, LIGHT GRAY Color. 1-Gallon Kit. Price/Kit.

(Flammable when liquid; UPS Ground or truck shipment only).

  • Waterproofing Grade Coating with UV protection.
  • Withstands Ponding Water and Immersion.
  • Passes Class-A External Fire Resistance Protection Testing (ASTEM E-108).
  • Provides a secure barrier to water penetration.
  • Adheres even to damp surfaces without priming.
  • Withstands attacks from most chemicals, traffic, and severe environments.
  • Retains flexibility in sub zero conditions.
  • Extremely hail resistant (unlike acrylic coatings).
  • Rain will not destroy coating during application.
  • Sustainable roofing system that saves expensive removal and disposal cost.
  • Glossy finish provides very high reflection: reduces heat and lowers energy costs. Surface temperature will not exceed 10ºF above ambient.
  • Glossy high-density finish is very resistant to dirt pick-up and washes clean after rains.
  • 100% adhesion of product to substrates
  • 10 yr. extendable manufacturers warranty available for roofs.
APPLICATIONS: AES-100 is a flexible two-part epoxy designed to provide superior long-term protection and waterproofing to all types of roofing and other surfaces.

AES-100 is excellent for protecting and waterproofing all types of low slope / flat roofs including polyurethane Foam Roofs, built-up, single ply, concrete, plywood and single ply roofing of TPO, PVC, etc. AES-135 is available for metal/sloped roofs.


AES-100 can be applied by air-less spray equipment, brush, or roller at approximately 100-sq. ft. per gallon. Very rough or porous surfaces may require up to a total of 3 gallons per 100 square feet in the first coat. Read Product Data Sheet for details.

A two-coat application is recommended to help insure complete protection. Surfaces subject to significant movement or other difficult conditions may require heavier applications and the use of reinforcement fabrics. All penetrations or transitions of surface materials should be use reinforcement fabrics.

Dry Film Application Rate:
To yield dry film of 6.5 mils, apply 200 Sq. Ft/gallon
To yield dry film of 13.0 mils, apply 100 Sq. Ft/gallon


HAIL TESTING: Polyurethane foam and metal samples where coated at 23 mils while impacted with 2-½ in. hailstone projectiles at a rate of speed of 79.8 mph and 57.48 ft.- lbs. respectively. Results shown to be conclusive that at the given thickness the polyurethane foam insulation and steel roof panels where undamaged by impact with 2-½- inch sized artificial hailstones. All testing results found by HAAG engineering co.

COLD WEATHER: Manufacturer recommends AES-100 be installed when temps are 37 degrees F and rising with no freeze forcasted for a minimum of 48 hours. Wind and cloud cover will affect the cure times as well. Typical cure time at 40 degrees is 12-24 hours, 12 is optimum conditions breezy and sunny.

Standard in White, Tan, Light Tan and Light Gray and other color by special order.

1-Gallon Kit (.8 Qt-A and 0.8 G-B)
4 gallon kit (0.8G A and 3.2G B)
25 gallon kit (5G A, and 5 pails with 4G each (in 5G pails)

CAUTIONS: Personal protection required. Read MSDS sheet prior to opening and using.

Product Data Sheet

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