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Concrete Control Joint / Large Crack Filler, 2-Part Polyurea - Emecole 85-90 GRAY COLOR 2-Part Polyurea Concrete Control Joint / Large Crack Filler, 300x300ml dual cartridge set (600ml/net), nozzle. Price/Set (dispensing gun not included; ground shipping only; 6 tube-sets/carton; cartons for extra discount)
Concrete Control Joint / Large Crack Filler, 2-Part Polyurea
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  PRODUCT: Emecole 85-90 GRAY COLOR Polyurea, Concrete Control-Joint & Large Crack Filler, Quick-Set, 300x300ml Dual Cartridge Set (600ml/net). Price/Set. (dispensing gun not included; ground shipping only; 6 tube-sets per full carton; order full cartons for extra discounts)

DESCRIPTION: A medium viscosity very quick curing crack filler for 1/8 & larger concrete cracks. Polyurea 85-90 material cures to a very durable, hard rubber-like finish within about an hour. The next day, it can be sanded/ground flat. Emecole 85-90 is environmentally friendly, odor free, less than 1% VOC and solvent free. Its 98%+ solids content assures no shrinkgage after many years of service. Also available in UV version which is more colorfast.

  • 1 dual-cartridge Emecole 85-90 polyurea (net 600 ml material)
  • Includes (1) 3/8" x 30 turn Mixing Nozzle and (1) #9 white Euro Nut.
  • Printed instructions
  • MSDSs/Product Datasheets
  • Requires Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun, NOT Included.
  • Polyurea Properties: Medium Viscosity, Control Joint / Large Crack Filler, Self Leveling, Med-Hard Curing (930 psi, 170% elongation )
  • Withstands heavy traffic
  • Horizontal joints and larger cracks (not vertical)
  • Indoors/Outdoors (UV resistant)
  • Concrete Floors / Slabs
  • Weed control: Fills cracks/joints to prevent weed growth
  • Warehouse Floors / High Traffic: Control joints, larger cracks
  • Control Joints in Freezers, Refrigerated Warehouses (product will cure below 32F)
  • Chemical Plant Floors
  • Service Stations (gas and oil resistant)
  • Containment Facilities
  • Concrete Highway, Roadway
  • Bridges and Structural
  • Driveways
  • Not for Expansion Joints
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