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Dual 300mL Cartridge (300x300) Premium Caulking Gun - Dual Cartridge Premium Caulking Gun, 300x300 mL 1:1 Multi-Component Manual Caulking Gun. Price/Each.
Dual 300mL Cartridge (300x300) Premium Caulking Gun
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PRODUCT: Dual Cartridge Premium Caulking Gun, the "Jake", 300x300mL 1:1 Multi-Component Dispening Gun. Price/Each.

  • Ideal for critical dual component such as foam and epoxy injection.
  • Handles twin 300/300ml cartridges with a 1:1 mix ratio.
  • Premium model for ultimate control.
  • Made with steel for durability.
  • The unique “Jake” manual dispensing tool introduces maximum manual power coupled with continuous flow for the dispensing of single and dual cartridge systems.
  • The “Jake” compares favorably with air-powered counterparts in performance (plus being lighter, easier to handle, and less costly).
  • Utilizes a high performance trigger mechanism which actuates a compression spring. Together, they extend the force which results in the continuous flow of material from the cartridges(s) through the static mixer. This continuous flow overcomes mixing problems which may otherwise occur in systems using static mixers. These problems typically arise from the pulsating flow resulting from the use of conventional trigger mechanisms as the sole source of power.
  • The force generated by the spring mechanism can also be adjusted to best shift the flow and power requirements of specific application simply by changing spring tensions.
  • The drive rod and push rods in this manual dispensing gun are in-line. This optimizes the power generated by the trigger mechanism and eliminates twisting of the system, associated with push rods being not in-line with the drive rod.
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