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AES-300 Flexible Epoxy  Sealant, TAN Color, 0.8G Kit - Superseded to Novatuff-300.   Advanced Epoxy Systems AES-300, 2-part Flexible Epoxy Caulking/Sealant System, *TAN* Color. 0.8-Gallon Kit. Price/Kit. (Flammable when liquid, UPS Ground or truck shipment only).
AES-300 Flexible Epoxy Sealant, TAN Color, 0.8G Kit
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PRODUCT: Superseded to Novatuff-300. Advanced Epoxy Systems AES-300, 2-part Flexible Epoxy Caulking/Sealant System, TAN Color . 0.8-Gallon Kit. Price/Kit. (Flammable when liquid; UPS Ground or truck shipment only).

  • An outstanding butter grade 2-part epoxy sealant, applied by stiff brush or putty knife. Suitable for joints, crack repair, seam sealant, etc.
  • Its molasses-like viscosity fills cracks and crevasses, self priming.
  • Provides a 200% elongation very tough long-term secure barrier to water penetration.
  • Location:
    • Interior or Exterior. UV Resistant. Will not oxidize.
    • Above or Below Grade, including underwater / continuous immersion.
    • Vertical or Horizontal
  • Adheres even to damp surfaces (cleaned) without priming (but fully dry is best).
  • Self priming to most materials (very porous materials would benefit from a penetrating epoxy primer).
  • Paintable.
  • Stays flexible yet tough through years of harsh service.
  • Withstands attacks from most chemicals, traffic, and severe environments.
  • Retains flexibility in sub-zero conditions.
  • Withstands ponding water.
  • 100% adhesion of product to substrates.
  • Will not stain substrates.
  • Chemical Resistance: Epoxy is resistant to jet fuel, gasoline, oil, water, most acids, most alkalines, hydrocarbons.
APPLICATIONS: AES-300 is a flexible two-part epoxy sealant designed to provide superior long-term protection and waterproofing to all types of surfaces, seams and joints. Its ideal to repair hard to fix areas, extreme environment applications, roof membrane seams, chemical containment, underwater / ponding water sealant situations.
  • Metal roof screws (with old worn-out rubber washers)
  • Vertical joints which are jet fuel, diesel or gasoline exposed.
  • Limitations: Maximum 1/2" joint width. Not for >25% movement joints. Joints over 1/4" require backer rod.
  • Containment facilities
  • Hard to access areas
  • Not for potable water, fish tanks, etc.
APPLICATION: Read product data sheet and MSDS sheets before opening and use.
AES-300 can be applied by brush, trowell, putty knife, spatula etc.
Read Product Data Sheet for details.

0.8 Gallon Kit yields about 120 feet of 1/2" x 1/4" joint size. For other size yields, see the Yield Rate Estimating Chart.

Pot Life- 2 hrs @ 80°F
Return to Service Time- 24 hrs @ 80°F
Complete Cure - 7 days @ 80°F

Other colors available with 20 gallon minimum special order.

Personal protection required. Read MSDS sheet prior to opening and using.

MSDS Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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NovaTuff C-300 (formerly AES-300) Flexible Epoxy Sealant, 2-part Flexible Epoxy Caulking/Sealant System, TAN Color, Vertical grade. 0.8 Gallon Kit. Price/Kit. (lead time 2-4 days; Flammable when liquid, UPS Ground or truck shipment only).
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