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Karnak #168Af Tar Roof Resaturant, 5 Gallons - Karnak #168AF Tar Roof Resaturant Coating. 5-Gallon/Pail. Price/Pail.
Karnak #168Af Tar Roof Resaturant, 5 Gallons
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PRODUCT: Karnak #168AF Tar Roof Resaturant Coating. 5-Gallon/Pail. Price/Pail.

DESCRIPTION: Karnak #168AF Tar Resaturant is a heavy duty protective coating to create a long lasting, weather-resisting protection for tar and gravel roofs, scientifically compounded to provide a completely monolithic coating assuring years of added roof life. Prepared from highly refined coal tar pitch base and thoroughly admixed mechanically with rust inhibitive chromates. Does not contain phenols or fatty acids and not more than 3% volatile thinners.

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  • Reseals weathered coal tar pitch roofs
  • Provides monolithic layer of waterproofing protection
  • Thick coatin protects roofs and holds gravel in place
  • ASTM D-450A Type I
  • 5-Gallon Pail
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