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SL2 Polyurethane Wide-Joint Sealant, SLOPE GRADE, Limestone, 3G - MasterSeal SL2, LIMESTONE Color (similar to light-gray) Pre-tinted, Multi-Part SLOPE GRADE (thicker than regular SL) Polyurethane Expansion Joint Sealant. Ships as a 3G kit for bulk application. Price/Kit. (special order; see detail view ordering notes)
SL2 Polyurethane Wide-Joint Sealant, SLOPE GRADE, Limestone, 3G
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PRODUCT:  MasterSeal SL2 SLOPE Grade, (formerly Sonolastic SL2 slope grade) PRE-TINTED LIMESTONE COLOR (similar to light-gray) POLYURETHANE, WIDE-EXPANSION JOINT SEALANT. Ships as a 3 Gallon kit. Price/Kit. (special order item; 1 week shipping leadtime)

Ordering Notes:
Special order, shipping leadtime is 1-3 weeks for less than 6 pails.
For 6 kits or more it can be drop shipped from factory.

APPLICATIONS: Sonneborn self leveling SL2 is recommended for sealing and protecting wide expansion joints including pavement joints, driveway expansion joints, exterior deck expansion joints and such.

DESCRIPTION: SL-2 joint sealant is a two-component, self-leveling, UV resistant, exterior grade, non-priming polyurethane sealant designed for sealing and waterproofing all type of WIDE expansion joints. SLOPE GRADE is a THICK version.
Recommended for use in concrete floors, sidewalks, roofs and decks, commercial kitchen floors, etc.
With 800% elongation and 350 PSI tensile strength it is recommended where flexibility as well as abrasion and puncture resistance are required.
SL2 bonds to many materials without a primer, including concrete, masonry, metals, fiberglass, etc.

COVERAGE: 3 gallons yields about 462 lineal ft. of 1/2" x 1/4" joint size. Coverage and Yield Chart for other size yields.

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Call us at 1-800-474-7570 or 602-272-8128
You'll get a prompt reply! 
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