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Split Shake Multi-Width Synthetic Roof Tiles, SELECT Color (25 Tiles) - DaVinci Split Shake 5-Widths Synthetic Roof Tiles. SPECIFY COLOR BLEND. Bundle of 25 Field Tiles. Price/Bundle. (Specify color before adding to cart; special order item; 3-4 week leadtime; 20% restock fee; under 12 bundles not returnable)
Split Shake Multi-Width Synthetic Roof Tiles, SELECT Color (25 Tiles)
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PRODUCT: DaVinci Split Shake 5-Widths Synthetic Roof Tiles, SPECIFY COLOR BLEND. 25 Pieces/Bundle. Price/Bundle. (Specify color before adding to cart; special order item; 3-4 week leadtime; 20% restock fee; less than 12 bundles not returnable; free sample available -- shipping cost may apply)

DESCRIPTION: Beautiful synthetic Split Shake roofing tiles are manufactured with a proprietary blend of super durable plastic materials. Multiple natural sized widths of 5 sizes 4", 6", 7", 8", 9" are in each bundle. 

Designed from actual castings of split shake tiles to provide a natural appearance. Uses varying embossed patterns and natural like variation of natural colors.

Its authentic beauty, performance and classic styling delivers a roof line with a lasting impression, adding great value to any home.

Includes a 50 Year Transferable Manufacturers Warranty.


  • Light-weight -- just 1.52 lbs each (average of the 5 sizes).
  • May be applied over many asphalt shingle roofs without restructure (tear-off may not be required).
  • Class A fire rated (when applied with specified underlayment).
  • Class 4 impact rated.
  • Hurricane Zone Force: Straightline Wind Uplift 110MPH tested.
  • Miami Dade County NOA 07-1203.03.
  • Simplest, quickest and easiest design to install - saves installation costs.
  • Can walk on roofs during and after installations.
  • Solid color throughout. Fade resistant (matches natural products)
  • Easy to install -- can use a standard coil roofing nailer.
  • Nails seal tight to tile during nailing!
  • Easy to cut -- can use a hand saw or sawzall (no silicosis hazards).
  • Can be installed in cold weather.
  • Little in-transit or job-site breakage.
  • Matching accessories are available to create perfect trims. 

COLORS: Standard natural wood colors include: Autumn Blend, Chesapeak Blend, Mountain Blend, New Cedar Blend, Tahoe Blend, Weathered Gray Blend.


  • Asphalt shingle replacements.
  • Commercial & restaurants.
  • New residential.
  • Hurricane / high wind areas.
  • Golf Courses. 
  • Cold weather re-roofs.
  • 4/12 roof pitch or greater recommeneded. 


  • 200 tiles per square (100 sq.ft.) straight course, and 225 in stagger.
  • 304 lbs / square square (light).
  • 25 pieces / bundle.
  • 8 bundles / square straight and 9 / square in stagger.
  • 6 squares / pallet.
  • 1200 pieces per pallet.
  • 1824 lbs / pallet pallet (24 pallets/truck) 



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