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Lucas 6900 Universal Clear Sealant (1G) - Lucas 6900 Universal Clear Sealant with Microfiber Reinforcement, Brushable Grade. A high-performance, multi-purpose thermoplastic elastomer based roofing sealant. 1-Gallon Can. Price/Can. (flammable; ground shipment only)
Lucas 6900 Universal Clear Sealant (1G)
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PRODUCT: Lucas 6900 Universal Clear Sealant with Microfiber Reinforcement, Brushable Grade. 1-Gallon Can. Price/Can.

(combustible item; UPS or Truck shipping only)

DESCRIPTION: Lucas 6900 sealant is a high-performance, multi-purpose thermoplastic elastomer based roofing sealant. Excellent adhesion to most roof surfaces including: metal, Kynar®, asphalt, shingles, modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO, Elvaloy®/PVC, Hypalon®, vinyl, fiber cement, wood, concrete, tile, masonry, glass. #6900 is clear and will not stain if applied over asphalt products, including shingles, when applied at the recommended rate of application . Use to seal gutters, flashings and penetrations on all types of roofs. Ideal for residential roofing applications where appearance is important.
APPLICATION: Apply Lucas 6900 surface to be sealed must be clean. Porous surfaces may be primed with Lucas 5015 prior to application of this product. Apply with a soft bristle brush at the rate of 4 gallons per 100 sq. ft or about 1/16 of an inch thick. May be painted. Some paints may require up to one week cure time before application. Keep product warm prior to use.

Standard Colors: Clear

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Lucas 6900 Universal Clear Sealant- 5 Gal.
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