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We carry all types of roof drains, re-roof drains, overflow drains, retrofit drains, balcony drain, deck drains, floor drains, roof drain accessories and scupper drains as well as replacement roof drain parts. Our drain solutions include both commercial and residential drains from leading suppliers like JDR / J-Drain, LSP, Marathon, Olyflow / Olympic, Portals Plus, Smith, Sun, Wade, Watts and Zurn. Whether you need roof or deck drains for new construction or repair work, we have what you need. How to size drain pipes.
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All Drain Items
  Balcony Drains (smaller, raised-dome drains)Universal Adjustable Drain Guard / Strainers. For 2"+ Drain Pipes
  Balcony / Walk Deck Drains (smaller flat-top / flush style drains)
  Clamping Rings and Parts
  Composite Drainage (wall, foundation, field, civil, greenroof)
  Couplers (drain couplings, connectors, elbows, etc)
  Deck Plates, Under deck Plates
  Downspout Nozzles and Downspout Covers
  Drain Bolts
  Drain Collars and Ring Clamps / Gravel Guards
  Drain Covers: FLAT Grates for Storm and Floor Drains
  Drain Covers: METAL Drain Domes, Strainers and Covers
  Drain Covers: PLASTIC Drain Domes, Strainers and Covers
Plastic Every Type of Roof Clamping Rings and Gravel Guards
  Drains, Clamping Ring Type (for single-ply roofs)
  Drain Kits (complete roof and parking garage kits)
  Drain Lugs / Clamping Parts
  Drain Pipe Connectors: Pipe adaptors, reducers, elbows,
    expansion joint (see PIPE SIZING)>
  Floor Cleanouts
  Floor Drains (flush mount drains) Plastic Roof Drain Dome / Strainers for all Types of Roof Drains
  Grates, Flat Storm and Floor Grates
  Hose Clamps
  Misc Drain Parts (plates, spun bearing pans)
  Overflow Drains, Combination Roof / Overflow Drains
  Parapet Drains
  Promenade Drains and Accessories (large flat-top drains)
  Retrofit Drains (retro drains, all kinds)
    Retrofit Drains, Aluminum
    Retrofit Drains, Copper
    Retrofit Drains, Plastic
    Retrofit Drains, Scupper Type
  Roof Drains promenade roof drain
  Re-roof Drains  & Retro Drains (same as Retrofit Drains)
  Rubber Pipe Connectors
  Scupper and Side-Outlet Drains and Accessories
  Scupper Drains, Sheet Metal
  Side Outlet / Scupper Drains, Cast
  TPO/PVC Drains and Scuppers
  JDR / J-Drains
  Josam Drain
  LSP Products / Tech Specialties
  Marathon Roof Drains promenade roof drain
  Olyflow/ Olympic Drains and Parts
  Portals Plus Drains and Parts
  RAC Drains and Parts
  Smith Drains and Parts
  Sun Drains and Parts
  Wade Drains and Parts
  Watts Drains and Parts
  Zurn Drains and Parts
  Connection Types for DrainsBalcony Retrofit Drains, Flat Tops
  Downspout Nozzles
  Drain Connection Types & Methods
  Drain Cross Reference Guide
  Drain Strainer and Dome Options
  Floor/Deck Drain Selector Guide (Watts)
  General Roof Drain Information
  Green Roof / Rooftop Garden Comosite Drainage, J-Drain
  Green Roof / Rooftop Garden Drains from Zurn
  Installation, Retrofit Drains
  JDR J-Drain Catalog & and Technical Info for Composite Drainage
  Josam Drain Catalog & List Pricing
  Josam Stainless Steel Drain Products
  LSP Products / TechSpecialties
  Olympic Drain, OlyFlowScupper  / Side Outlet Roof Drains of All Kinds
  Pipe Size Information
  Roof Drain Selector Guide (Watts)
  Roof Drain Sizing Charts
  Scupper / Parapet Drains and Options
  Side Outlet Drain Options
  Single Ply Roof Drain Installation Details
  Sizing Roof Drains
  Smith Replacement Roof Drain Parts Guide
  Smith Roof Drain Catalog & List Pricing
  TPO/PVC Drains and Scuppers
  Typical Roof Drain Installation Examples
  Wade Roof Drain Pictures
  Watts Light Commercial Drains
  Watts Roof & Deck Drain Catalog and List Price
  Watts Roof Drain Pictures and Installations
  Watts Specification Drains, Full Catalog (large file)
  Zurn Light Commercial Drain Catalog & List Price
  Zurn Replacement Drain Grates (drawings & #'s)
  Zurn Replacement Parts Catalog
  Zurn Roof Drain Selection Guide
  Zurn Roof & Floor Drain Catalog & List Price (large file)
MANUFACTURERS: For additional roof drain & floor drain product options, drawings & specifications:
TechSpecialties roof drains
      -New and Retrofit Drains

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Information About Manufacturers & Their Products:

LSP Products / Tech Specialties® represents LSP’s reputation for innovation in the roof drain product line. Products include the Uniflex roof drain with membrane clamps, copper roof drains, plastic adjustable roof drains, plastic side-outlet roof drains.

Marathon Drains: For more than 40 years, Marathon Drains has specialized in quality roofing drains, scuppers and breather vents of all types. Popular Marathon products include Proliner retrofit drains, Copper-Tite retrofit drains, Diamond Series copper retrofit roof drains, Duran Series thermoplastic rubber retrofit roof drains, Parapet / Scupper Drains and Retrofit Scupper Drains, Fast Flow Aluminum retrofit roofing drains, Century Series copper retrofit roof drains, Economy Century Series copper flange with plastic dome re-roof drains, Side Outlet horizontal outlets and horizontal discharge copper drains, Promenade Drains and Accessories, Enpoco-Pak and Cast-Pak Complete Drains kits, Cast Iron Roof Drains, Cast Iron Overflow Roof drain kits, Replacement Drain Strainers, Drain Domes and replacement drain parts.

OlyFlow family of retrofit roof drains and accessories is a complete line of labor saving and performance enhancing roof drain products. From the top selling UFlow Hercules RetroDrains, to the RAC Deluxe RetroDrains, they have your roof drain needs covered. The NewCon new connection drains, drain-guard products and custom fabricated drains available, OlyFlow products are ready to help you drive profits.

Portals Plus manufactures solutions for roof leak problems. Roof leaks are the biggest problem of architects and building owners. 85% of all roof leaks occur at penetrations and corners due to poor details which fail to accommodate movement. Extreme roof temperature swings require durable and flexible flashings. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) states that "Pitch pockets or pans by their design, are not intended to be continuously watertight. Their use should not be encouraged since better methods are available to accomplish the same end. Pitch pans or pockets require frequent inspection and maintenance, and usually a great deal of damage can occur before the leak around a pitch pocket or pan is evident."

Portal Plus Roof Drains and More

Roof Drains provide efficient internal drainage of water from the roof surface. Roof Drains are an effective year-round solution to removing water from the roof surface in all weather and all seasons. Interior Roof Drains have the advantage over gutters and downspouts because interior Roof Drains are maintained at the interior building temperature and are far less likely to freeze and back up in harsh northern climates. With the advent of sloped roof decks and tapered insulations, it has also become necessary to include Overflow Roof Drains to relieve dangerous overloading of the structural system caused by heavy ponding water

Zurn: Since its founding in 1900 as the Hydromechanics Division, the Zurn Specification Drainage Operation has been a leading producer of roof drains, deck drains and floor drains for the commercial, industrial and institutional building construction industry. All the Zurn products are engineered and manufactured to meet all ANSI standards. Architects, engineers, plumbing contractors and wholesalers involved in non-residential construction all specify Zurn drains. Zurn has an excellent 305 page Customer Guide which lists specifications and technical data needed to properly size roof drains, floor drains, interceptors, carrier systems, hydrants, cleanouts, floor sinks, water hammer arrestors, traps, primers and backwater valves for new or retrofit installation.

Drain Design & Selection (courtesy J.R. Smith):

The engineer should lay out the roof drain system consistent with the structural design strength of the roof. Normally for a flat roof with a 30 lb. sq. ft. design load, the water depth or build-up would be limited to 3". This will keep the load down to approximately 15 lbs. per square foot. For sloped roofs, the allowed water depth can be greater, but only to the point where the stresses will be within the design limitations. This will be up to the discretion of the engineer. The roof drainage design can be based on a number of factors. The prime consideration could be economy, using minimum leaders and storm sewers. The allowable roof load or build-up could limit the design. Or possibly, drain down time could be the limiting design criteria. In any case, knowing the maximum flow rates, which are controlled, the engineer can properly size leaders and storm sewers economically consistent with his selected design criteria.


When designing the roof drain system, the engineer must remember that the roof is being utilized as a temporary reservoir to retain some water. Flashing and water proofing should be high enough to prevent any leakage. The engineer must also provide adequate strength for structural safety. In addition, the following considerations should be observed:
These are not absolute requirements, but are suggestions to be considered. The final design is at the discretion of the design engineer and should be consistent with the roof requirements.

a. On all roofs, use minimum of two drains, if possible.
b. On larger roofs, use a greater number of drains as dictated by design layout.
c. Limit roof area to 25,000 sq. ft. per weir opening.
d. Recommended maximum distance from roof edge to drain is 50 ft. (flat roofs).
e. Recommended maximum distance from end of valley to drain is 50 ft. (sloped roofs).
f. Recommended maximum distance between drains is 200 ft.
g. Provide adequate flashing at parapets, openings, walls, joints, etc.
h. Limit parapet walls or provide overflow scuppers. These should be located at the
  anticipated maximum water depth (build-up). If located in a higher position which could
  result in a greater flow rate, piping must be sized accordingly.
i. Consider wind effect in locating the drains, and the number of drains.
j. Possible roof deflection due to load. This could create low spots and adversely affect drainage and/or structural safety.


Standard Pipe Sizing:

Most pipe sizes are based upon National Pipe Standard sizes (NPS). Here is data to assist in sizing drain pipes. The PVC link below includes flow rate capacities.

Copper and Brass pipe dimensions are different from

PVC Pipe Sizes <- click links for added details.


Pipe Size:

Inside Diameter


Schedule 40 PVC

Inside Diameter


Schedule 80 PVC

 Outside  Diameter:


1/2 0.602 0.526 0.840
3/4 0.804 0.722 1.050
1 1.049 0.957 1.315
1 1/4 1.380 1.278 1.660
1 1/2 1.610 1.500 1.900
2 2.067 1.939 2.375
2 1/2 2.469 2.323 2.875
3 3.068 2.900 3.500
4 4.026 3.826 4.500
5 5.047 4.813 5.563
6 6.065 5.761 6.625
8 7.981 7.625 8.625
10 9.976 9.493 10.750
12 11.889 11.294 12.750


More Pipe Size Info

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