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Eternabond Roofseal White RV and EPDM Roof Repair Tape

We carry the full line of Eternabond roof leak repair and emergency waterproofing products. Popular Eternabond leak repair products include RoofSeal, WebSeal and AlumiBond / A-Seal and CopperFlash. These are the finest available, easy to use and provide easy yet permanent solutions for roof leak repairs and emergency repairs on all types of roofs, underlayment repairs, RV roof repairs, metal roof seam repairs, gutter seams, and other types of waterproofing repairs. Eternabond roof tape products are used by professional applicators throughout the world and are backed by Eternabond's great 10 Year Warranty.


Eternabond RoofSeal Roof Leak Repair TapeFor instant RV roof repair, TPO/PVC flat roof repair, EPDM rubber roof repair or trailer roofs repairs, we recommend Eternabond RoofSeal White roof repair tape. 4" RoofSeal White is our most popular RV roof repair product. Now available in economical 4"x20' rolls in Black or White.

Eternabond is easy to use. We have complete Do-It-Yourself instructions for every application.

Which Product? See our Eternabond Selection Guide.

For granulated roofing materials and asphalt shingle repairs, Eternabond RoofSeal Plus has double the sealant thickness for easy repair of all types granulated roofs including asphalt shingle repairs, granulated cap sheet repairs as well as making seals over rooftop fasteners and gutters.

Our singleply Roofing Membranes Repair Page. It includes DIY help for all types of roofing membranes.

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  Eternabond Products and Pricing:
All Eternabond Products - Includes:
Alumibond / A-Seal: Aluminum faced for aluminum trailers, corrugated roofs, patio roofs & metal roofs.
CopperFlash: Copper faced for all surfaces. Great for resurfacing.
Doublestick: Makes gaskets or efficiently seals any two materials. Resistant to many acids and alkalines. Not resistant to gasoline and petroleum solvents.
EternaClean: Spray cleaner for all roof types.
EternaPrime: For low temperature applications, priming corroded metal, dirty roof surfaces, for enhanced adhesion or other old roofs.
RoofSeal Black: For all roof leaks and underlayment repairs.
RoofSeal Gray: For all types of gray color roofs.
RoofSeal Tan: For all types of Tan color roofs.
RoofSeal White: For all roof leaks, RV roofs.
RoofSeal Plus: Double thick sealant for irregular surfaces, granulated roofs, cap sheets or over fasteners.
UV Protector/Eternashield: Used together with Webseal for UV protection of Webseal product.
Webseal: Fabric reinforced faced, for seam or joint repairs when a coating will be applied. Commonly used for metal roof seams. Can be used under ANY type of roof coating / roof repair product for long lasting reinforcement. Also as an under-tile waterproofing membrane.


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Eternabond Product Datasheets:
Alumibond / A-Seal
RoofSeal / MiracleTape

Cleaning Recommendations for Eternabond Products:

For EPDM and metal use Eternaclean, or clean with a clean rag and a "hot" (fast evaporating) solvent like - lacquer thinner, acetone, automotive brake parts cleaner, or a commercial EPDM cleaner, or a good, non-residue cleaner.
For thermoplastic roofs like PVC, TPO, Hypalon, score the surface of with a Scotch-brite like pad (or equal), sand cloth a sanding sponge, etc. Wipe off dust. Clean as needed with a strong bleach/water mixture, then clean water and a rag.
For rusty metal modified / granulated roofs, stucco, concrete, wood or other porous surfaces - blow or brush off loose or heavy dust / dirt. Coat surface with a light coat of EternaPrime®.


Alumibond / A-Seal is used for all type of aluminum trailer roof repair metal roof repairs. It features the thickest aluminum sheet face of products of this type. Its the longest lasting Eternabond product. The aluminum is paintable.
RoofSeal Black is great for all types of BUR roofing, asphalt roofing, Black EPDM roofing or underlayment repairs.
RoofSeal Gray Eternabond is available in all the popular sizes for gray colored roofs and surfaces.
RoofSeal Plus For granulated roofing materials and asphalt shingle repairs, Eternabond has double the sealant thickness for easy repair of all types granulated roofs including asphalt shingle repairs, granulated cap sheet repairs as well as making seals over rooftop fasteners and gutters.
RoofSeal White Eternabond's most popular product. Used for all types of white roof repairs. Available in all the popular sizes.
Webseal is used to waterproof seams and high stress areas, like metal roof seams. After application, apply a finish coating over fabric layer. It has a fabric reinforcement membrane on the face which readily bonds to the coatings.

Eternabond A-Seal / Alumibond

A-Seal / Alumibond has the same aggressive sealing qualities as RoofSeal, but has an aluminum backing laminated to Eternabond sealing adhesive. The aluminum backing is 4-mil thick aluminum sheeting, not 2-mil foil like most tapes. Consequently, A-Seal requires no UV protection and can also be painted to match the repaired surface color. A-Seal is perfect for truck trailers that have been cut or simply need resealing over seams and rivets. It is also perfect for storage tanks, corrugated roofing, steel and aluminum roofs, etc. A-Seal is standard in rolls 50' long.



Eternabond RoofSeal(White, Black, or Gray)
RoofSeal is the best solution for leak repair or corrosion protection in tough environments and conditions, including EPDM Roofs, RV roofs, land-fill and pond liners. The specialized backing has proven to be UV stable, even after 16 years in full sunlight. Eternabond's patented adhesive has an integrated primer which allows RoofSeal to BOND with the surface it is installed on. Perfect for reseaming all roofs, regardless of the material. Rubber, EPDM, fiberglass, aluminum, modified, shingle, PVC, steel, hot-tar, etc., RoofSeal makes a permanent water-tight seal. Elongation factor greater than 700% guarantees RoofSeal will flex, expand and contract in all conditions, even on liners! Can be installed to -20 degrees F (with EternaPrime). Sag rating of over 250 degrees F. 10 year warranty. Also great for tank repairs.

Eternabond DoubleStick

Utilizing an aggressive sealing adhesive, DoubleStick is sticky on both sides and is perfect for use as a gasket when installing windows, vents, etc. on RVs, mobile homes, steel buildings... Once DoubleStick is applied, you can virtually forget about leaks! In addition, DoubleStick can be folded or rolled into a bead for areas that need a thicker gasket. DoubleStick comes in standard rolls 60 mils thick, 50' long, and 2" wide, and can be special-ordered in 4" and 6" wide rolls.


WEBSEAL 4" X 50Eternabond WebSeal

WebSeal is 30 mils thick and is available in rolls 50' long in various widths. Its used were a coating will be applied over the top. 2 layers of coating will be needed. WebSeal has a strong woven backing laminated to Eternabond adhesive sealant tape. Easy to work with and extremely flexible, WebSeal forms around almost anything from a seam or tear to a leaking drain pipe. Once on it stays flexible but never loses its adhesion if properly applied. When used in a place exposed to sunlight, WebSeal is easily protected from UV rays using Eternabond U.V. Protector in white, which brushes on easy and can be tinted to match almost any color. Reliable and easy to use, WebSeal continues to be the product of choice for reinforcement of repair areas, repairing or re-seaming standing seam steel roofs, and more!

Eternabond EternaPrime

Use EternaPrime when surfaces to be bonded are dirty (oxidized and cannot be cleaned), or dusty (like on a tar and gravel roof). EternaPrime will prepare the surface by coalescing all loose particles into a solid platform for the Eternabond tape to adhere to. Also use EternaPrime if the installation temperature will be below 40 degrees F (except when using RoofSeal, which can be applied down to zero degrees F).

A-Seal / Alumibond MSDS Sheet
CopperFlash MSDS Sheet
Doublestick MSDS Sheet
Eternaclean MSDS Sheet
Eternaprime MSDS Sheet
Eternaprime Spray MSDS Sheet
RoofSeal MSDS Sheet
UV Protector Paint MSDS Sheet


What is the Eternabond Warranty?Eternabond provides a 10-year limited warranty. Click here for the details:

Eternabond 10 Year Warranty

For Eternabond Customer & Technical Support:


What is Eternabond Tape?

Eternabond Roof Leak Repair Tape is one the most aggressive adhesives available. Originally developed and available for industrial use, Eternabond roof repair tape is manufactured from specially formulated elastomeric resins (MicroSealants) bonded to woven, aluminum, or mixed polymers for maximum conformability. These materials are prefabricated to provide uniform thickness and will expand/contract within normal ambient thermal conditions without ever hardening or losing its adhesive qualities. Eternabond is perfect for surfaces like rubber, fiberglass, metal and even polyethylene and is now available in many convenient sizes.

Restaurant Roofs: Around grease vents on restaurant roofs try 12 or 24" wide Eternabond RoofSeal Gray or White. The Eternabond materials are inert to the fatty oils which quickly degrade asphalt based roofing products. You can apply it over cap sheet, foam, and other roofing products to extend the life of restaurant roofs. Just install Eternabond Roofseal in a 5 foot wide perimeter around the vent areas for added protection and to extend the roof life.

Where will Eternabond NOT stick:

Eternabond, and nearly all other sealants, will NOT retain adhesion to SILICONE sealants or silicone treated surfaces, or water-proof treated fabrics (for example soft-top retractable car roofs), anti-stain treated fabrics, waxes or oily surfaces, dirt or other loose elements on a surface. Waxes, oil, dirt and loose surface elements must be removed before application of Eternabond to assure long term adhesion.

Why Use Eternabond?

Utilizing its advanced MicroSealant technology, EternaBond continues to provide permanent waterproofing solutions for a variety of commercial roof repair applications. RV roof repair, flat roof repair, mobile home roof repair, metal roof repair, steel roof repair, tile roof repair, rubber roof repair, and repair of roof shingles all suffer from the same problem - leaks eventually occur and are difficult and expensive to repair. Eternabond adheres to most surfaces, including EPDM rubber roofs and all storage tank materials, virtually on contact. Eternabond has an elongation capability of up to 500%; so as the surface it is bonded to changes shape, Eternabond changes with it - without losing its grip and without losing its seal. This makes Eternabond perfect for virtually all leak repairs!

What makes Eternabond different from other leak repair products?

Most repair products fall into one of three categories: a material with a glue applied to its surface (like duct tape), a gum material that lacks adhesive aggressiveness, or a liquid that you pour and spread.

Eternabond repair tapes have no glue or solvents because Eternabond IS the glue/sealant. The highly aggressive adhesive is extruded through a die, creating the tape shape needed for easy repairs. One side is laminated to a strong backing material and a release liner is applied on the other side.

Is Eternabond hard to install?

Installing Eternabond is as easy as putting on a piece of tape! Eternabond requires no glue, mixing, or caulking. For quick, emergency repairs Eternabond usually will not require cleaning (although they recommend the repair to an unclean surface be checked at a later date for proper adhesion) and in many situations, Eternabond can be installed underwater. DO NOT INSTALL OVER SILICONE.

Eternabond Technical Specifications


Product  Attribute  Units Amount



 Min. Application Temperature  deg. F.  > - 20 with primer
 Service Temperature  deg. F  -70 to +210
 Total Thickness  mils  20
 Adhesion  pounds/inch  > 17
 Low Temp Flexibility  --
 Tensile Strength  PSI  > 1000
 Elongation  Percent  > 500%
 Permanence  perms  .0
 Weathering  --  Excellent
 Shelf Life  Years  5


 Min. Application Temperature  deg. F.  > - 20 with  primer
 Service Temperature  deg. F  -70 to +210
 Total Thickness  mils  35 to 65
 Adhesion  pounds/inch  > 20
 Low Temp Flexibility  --  Excellent
 Tensile Strength  PSI   4500
 Elongation  Percent   700%
 Permanence  perms  .001
 Weathering  --  Excellent
 Shelf Life  Years  5


 Min. Application Temperature  deg. F.  > - 20 with  primer
 Service Temperature  deg. F  -70 to +210
 Total Thickness  mils  35 to 65
 Adhesion  pounds/inch  > 20
 Low Temp Flexibility  --  Excellent
 Tensile Strength  PSI   4500
 Elongation  Percent   700%
 Permanence  perms  .001
 Weathering  --  Excellent
 Shelf Life  Years  5
Double Stick

(raw adhesive)


 Min. Application Temperature  deg. F.  > - 20 with  primer
 Service Temperature  deg. F  -70 to +200
 Total Thickness  mils  35 to 65
 Adhesion  pounds/inch   19
 Low Temp Flexibility  --  Excellent
 Tensile Strength  PSI   1000
 Elongation  Percent   500%
 Insulation Resist.  M-Ohms  >10+6th
 Dielectric  Strength  KV  > 12
 Permanence  Perms  .001
Total Thickness: 20-60 mils
Low Temp Flexibility: Passes up to 1/2" radius @ -30F
Pliability: No cracks in Membrane

How UV resistant is Eternabond RoofSeal?

In UV testing, Eternabond was subjected to a 4000 Hour QUV Weather-O-meter Test with UV Light UVA 340 in the presence of humidity. Under these grueling conditions Eternabond lost only 2.8% of it's flexibility for each 1000 hours of exposure, while gaining 11.8% in tensile yield (strength) per 1000 hours of exposure. This extrapolates to an expected exposed life of 18 - 35 years. Technically speaking, any product that will last 18 - 35 years exposed to the weather is "environmentally stable".

Does Eternabond Tape Contain Petroleum Distillates or Butyl?

No. The base polymer of Eternabond does not contain any unsaturated or double-bonds. Eternabond is already down to a single bond between carbon atoms. Without the double-bonds, there is nothing In Eternabond for the elements to attack, nor can Eternabond attack OTHER elements. It is perfectly safe over EPDM. It does not dry-out over time.

Distributor Award


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