Foam Roof Repair FAQ and TIPS

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Here you will find foam roof repair products, do-it-yourself information and foam roof repair methods.

Foam roofs are quite susceptible to damage. Once a small hole is made in a foam roof, water readily penetrates and soaks into the foam like a sponge. You may be able to hear water in the foam when you walk on it.

Below is are some basic procedures to repair and recoat foam roofs.

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Foam Roof, Large Repair Procedure:

1. Cut out and remove all wet and damaged foam roof areas. Scrape all the old foam out using a Roof Scraper

Let the roof surface dry completely.

2. Patch any problem areas you may find in the underlying deck with Eternabond RoofSeal Black

3. Re-foam the damaged or new roof areas with RHH FOAM HIGH-DENSITY roof foam (1.75 or 2.8 lb/cu.ft. type) in self-contained dispensers. More information on Spray Foam Products and methods.

Hints: Using the foam is easy. Attach the hoses, turn on the valve, apply foam to areas. Immediately, while foam is still wet, use something like a long 2x4 to tool it flat like the remained of the roof which is not cut-out. This is really sticky stuff so be prepared with some rags and wear disposable gloves. Work quickly. Foam will skin quickly and set up in minutes.

4. Coat the top of the foam with a premium elastomeric roof coating to protect it from future damage: We recommend RoofMate HT, or Ultra Shield.

It would be a good idea to coat your entire foam roof with this material if you think you would like to protect the rest of it from more damage in the future.

Foam Roof SMALL Repair Procedure:

1. Find locations of penetrations into foam. Be sure the foam is dry completely.

2. Clean the roof surface as need to surface remove contaminates, without allowing liquids to get into any holes.

3. Patch problem areas Eternabond RoofSeal White. Eternabond RoofSeal White can be used over all types of roof surfaces. UV resistance of RoofSeal White is estimated at 18 to 35 years (tested by Eternabond).

Foam Roof Hail Damage Repair:

1. Find locations of dents or small penetrations into foam. Be sure the foam is dry completely.

2. Clean the roof surface as need to surface remove contaminates, without allowing liquids to get into any holes. (rag well with a bleach-water mixture).

3. Fill dimples with WC-800W patching material using a 6" wide putty knife. Do not fill more than 1/4" deep at a time. If you need more add another layer after the first cures.

4. If reinforcement is needed, 3-course repair with WC-800W and soft face polyester fabric.

5. Overcoat with 1-2 final layers of Foam Roof Coating, such as RoofMate HT or Ultra Shield.

Foam Roof Ponding Water Repair:

1. Find locations ponding water. Be sure the foam is dry completely.

2. Clean the roof surface as need to surface remove contaminates, without allowing liquids to get into any holes. (rag well with a bleach-water mixture).

3. Fill low areas with WC-800W patching material using a 6" wide putty knife. Do not fill more than 1/4" deep at a time. Let cure overnight between layers.

4. Overcoat with 1-2 final layers of a Ponding Water Rated Coating, such as WC-770.

Foam Roof Recoating:

Related Information:

Caulking & Sealing (air conditioners, vents, skylights, etc): Use

Duralink (100% solids, solvent free) or NP-1 polyurethane sealant for sealing around all roof penetrations. You can use this either before or after coating with FormFlex.

Related Questions & Foam Roof Repair Help:

Do I Need to Prime Before Applying Roof Repair Products?

For Eternabond tapes, use EternaPrime when surfaces to be bonded are very dirty (or oxidized and cannot be cleaned well). EternaPrime prepares the surface into an adherent platform for the Eternabond tape to adhere to. Also use EternaPrime if the installation temperature will be below 40 degrees F (except when using WebSeal and One Step, which can be applied down to zero degrees F).

How Much of an Overlap Seam is Needed When Applying RoofSeal Over Large Areas?

Two inches of overlap is the recommended "best practice" (2" of each layer of tape is overlapped).

Now you have a decision. Do you want a permanent seal, or one which could be serviced in the future if needed?

Procedure for recoating a foam roof using WC-770AXP or Ultra Shield.


* Use a stiff broom.
* Powerwash.
* Let dry thoroughly.

* Open WC-770AXP can. Remove any skin at the surface (you should have none with a new can).
* Mix well with power mixer if material has set for a long period and any separation is visible (again, you should have none with a new can).
* Apply FIRST COAT with 3/4" nap roller at rate of 75 square feet per gallon (VERY THICK).
* Let cure 1 day (depending on temperature).
* Apply a SECOND COAT as above.
* It may take up several until all tackiness is gone and material completes its full cure.

* Soap & Water.

* Clean lid area, reseal. Unused materials will keep for some time in a relatively cool area like a garage. Do not allow to freeze.


What is Eternabond Tape?

Eternabond Leak Repair Tape is one the most aggressive adhesives available. Originally developed and available for industrial use, Eternabond is manufactured from specially formulated elastomeric resins (MicroSealants) bonded to woven, aluminum, or mixed polymers for maximum conformability. These materials are prefabricated to provide uniform thickness and will expand/contract within normal ambient thermal conditions without ever hardening or losing its adhesive qualities. Eternabond is perfect for surfaces like rubber, fiberglass, metal and even polyethylene and is now available in many convenient sizes.

Why Use Eternabond?

Utilizing its advanced MicroSealant technology, EternaBond continues to provide permanent waterproofing solutions for a variety of commercial roof repair applications. RV, mobile home, steel building, barn, and tractor-trailer owners all suffer from the same problem - leaks eventually occur and are difficult and expensive to repair. Eternabond adheres to most surfaces, including EPDM rubber roofs and all storage tank materials, virtually on contact. Eternabond has an elongation capability of up to 500%; so as the surface it is bonded to changes shape, Eternabond changes with it - without losing its grip and without losing its seal. This makes Eternabond perfect for virtually all leak repairs!

What makes Eternabond different from other leak repair products?

Most repair products fall into one of three categories: a material with a glue applied to its surface (like duct tape), a gum material that lacks adhesive aggressiveness, or a liquid that you pour and spread.
Eternabond repair tapes have no glue or solvents because Eternabond IS the glue/sealant. The highly aggressive adhesive is extruded through a die, creating the tape shape needed for easy repairs. One side is laminated to a strong backing material and a release liner is applied on the other side.

Is Eternabond hard to install?

Installing Eternabond is as easy as putting on a piece of tape! Eternabond requires no glue, mixing, or caulking. DO NOT INSTALL OVER SILICONE.

How UV resistant is Eternabond RoofSeal White?

In UV testing, Eternabond was subjected to a 4000 Hour QUV Weather-O-meter Test with UV Light UVA 340 in the presence of humidity. Under these grueling conditions Eternabond lost only 2.8% of it's flexibility for each 1000 hours of exposure, while gaining 11.8% in tensile yield (strength) per 1000 hours of exposure. This extrapolates to an expected exposed life of 18 - 35 years. Technically speaking, any product that will last 18 - 35 years exposed to the weather is "environmentally stable".

Does Eternabond Tape Contain Petroleum Distillates or Butyl?

No. The base polymer of Eternabond does not contain any unsaturated or double-bonds. Eternabond is already down to a single bond between carbon atoms.  Without the double-bonds, there is nothing In Eternabond for the elements to attack, nor can Eternabond attack OTHER elements. It is perfectly safe over EPDM and other materials.

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