(for RV & Trailer Roofs less than 10 feet wide total) large roof calculator  
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      Front Edge to Cabin Seam (feet): ~ 3" seam  
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      Item Sizes Coverage  QTY. Units
       EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane     feet*
       BLACK 45 mil thick 10' x cut-to-length allow for edges
       WHITE 60 mil thick   and seams
       Adhesives 1 or 5-gallon pail 60 sq.ft. / gal. gallons
       EPDM Primer (for seams AND coverstrip) 1-pint or 1-gallon 25 sq.ft/pint pints
       Seam Seal Tape / Doublestick 3" x 25' roll 25' rolls
       Cover Strip / Peel/Stick Seam Cover ** 1-foot & 6"x100' 1-foot/foot feet
       Pipe Flashings *** Various 1 / pipe each
       M1, Trim & EPDM Edge Sealant 10.1 oz. tube 22 linear ft. tubes
      * More product may be required for complex pieces.
      ** Coverstrip tape (EPDM faced peel/stick tape) should applied over all seams for best performance.
      *** Most round penetrations can be sealed with M1 sealant. Optional H.D. flashings are available.
      NOTICE: This materials estimator is designed to develop a starting estimated materials list. Due to the unique nature of each individual project we make no representations that the list provided will be absolute. Quantities shown DO NOT ALLOW for double seams, scrap, measurement error, edge details etc. A DETAILED LAYOUT OF THE EXACT PIECES AND CUTS IS REQUIRED.  
       Accessory & Related Products  Size Sold Per  
      Butyl Sealant for Under Termination Bar match old roll  
      Cleaner Pads (Primer Application on EPDM) 6 x 9" each  
      Disposable Primer Brush 2" each  
      Doublestick, Seam Repair Tape 3" wide roll  
      EPDM Walk Pads (Optional) 30 x 30" each  
      Eternabond RoofSeal Flashing Tape 4" x 50' roll  
      Eternaclean, EPDM Cleaner 14 oz. each  
      Roller Covers, Solvent Resistant 1/2" nap each  
      Seam Rollers 2" to 3" each