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      Feet of Seams: ~ 100'/1000 sqft  
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      Number of Pipes:    
      Edges and Perimeter Wall Length* (ft): ~ 3" L-wrap  
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       Items Item Sizes Coverage  QTY. Units
       EPDM Rubber Roofing Membranes 10' x 50' 500 sq. ft. sq. feet *
      Black 45 and 60 mil thick 10' x 100' 1000 sq. ft.
      White 60 mil thick 20' x 100' 2000 sq. ft.
        Custom Larger widths
      Membrane Adhesive 1 or 5-gallon pail 300 sq.ft./pail gallons
      60 sq.ft./gal.
      Primer: Tapes AND coverstrip 1-pint or 1G 25 sq.ft./pint pints
      Seam Tape / Doublestick 3" x 100' roll 100 feet rolls
      Seam Cover, Cover Strip ** 1-foot & 6"x100' 1-foot/foot feet
      Termination Bar 10'/piece 10 feet each
      Inside/Outside Corners 7x9" Molded 1 / corner each
      Pipe Flashings 1" x 6" 1 / pipe each
      T-Joint Peel/Stick 6x6" Patches 6" x 6" As required each
      Trim & Cut Edge Sealant 10.2 oz. tube ~ 80 feet tubes
      * Includes 3" overlap for seams. More product may be required for complex pieces.
      ** Coverstrip tape should applied over all seams and at all edge metals for best performance.
      NOTICE: This materials estimator is designed to develop a starting estimated materials list. Due to the unique nature of each individual project we make no representations that the list provided will be absolute. Quantities shown DO NOT ALLOW for double seams, scrap, measurement error, edge details etc. A DETAILED LAYOUT OF THE EXACT PIECES AND CUTS IS NEEDED.