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Corrosion Repair & Prevention Products, Cathodic Protection
MasterBrace FIB 900/50FG Glass Fiber Roll, 24 in. x 125 ft. Price/Roll.
MasterBrace FIB 900/50FG (formerly MBrace EG 900) Glass Fiber Roll, 24 in. x 125 ft. (243 Sq.Ft.). Price/Roll. (UPS ground shipping only; special order, leadtime 1-week)
$1,060.00 SALE $757.95
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MasterEmaco T 310CI, Surface Repair / Patching Mortar 55 Lb, (60 Bags)
MasterEmaco T 310CI, Concrete Surface Repair/Patching Mortar. Polymer modified mortar with corrision inhibitors. Patches/Resurfaces Distressed Horizontal Surfaces, Small Repairs. 55 Lb/Bag. 60 Bags/Pallet. Price/Pallet. (see detail view ordering notes)
$2,640.00 SALE $1,856.95
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Zinc Rich 93 % Galvanize Coating / Primer # 7007Q (1-QT)
Zinc Rich 93% Galvanize Coating / Super-Primer, # 7007Q. 1-part epoxy 93% zinc filled (after cure), quick-drying, brush-on primer for rust prevention in all climates and submerged. 1-Quart Can. Price/Can. (Flammable: Ground shipment only)
$64.00 SALE $48.95
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ZincRich Rebar / Steel Primer (1-QT)
ZincRich (zinc rich) Rebar Primer. One-component ~55% Zinc Epoxy rust and submerged metal primer. Quick Drying. 1-Quart Can. Price/Can. (Very Flammable: UPS Ground shipment only;special sale, inventory reduction, qty limited)
$80.00 SALE $57.95
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