9 Inch Paint Roller Cover, Solvent Resistant, 3/4 Nap (1) - Paint Roller Cover, 9-inch, 3/4 inch nap, 1-1/2 ID, Solvent Resistant Polyester NPa and Core. For use wiht all types of coatings including solvent based coatings, epoxies, and urethanes. Price/Each.
9 Inch Paint Roller Cover, Solvent Resistant, 3/4 Nap (1)
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Paint Roller Cover, 9-inch, 3/4-inch nap, 1-1/2 ID, Solvent Resistant Polyester Nap and Core. For Use with All Types of Coatings Including Solvent Based Coatings, Epoxies, and Urethanes. Price/Each.


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Designed for use in high solvent-based coatings such as epoxies, urethanes and fiberglass resins in both industrial and marine applications. The core is extra thick, heavy-duty, and multi-ply and includes a specially formulated adhesive that adheres the polyester nap. The roller cover is suitable for all paint types and provides even pick-up and release of materials. Actual color may vary from photo.


  • For use in all types of coatings including Solvent based coatings, Epoxies and Urethanes.


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