Margin Trowel, 2 x 5 Inch - Margin Trowell, 2 x 5 inch with Lacquered Hardwood Handle, Professional Grade. Price/Each.
Margin Trowel, 2 x 5 Inch
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Margin Trowell, 2 X 5 inch with Hardwood Handle. Price/Each.

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The Margin Trowel is the perfect general-purpose tool for tile installers and roofers. The 5" x 2" blade size easily fits into mixing buckets and can be used for patch jobs, hard to reach areas and spreading thinset on v-cap, bullnose tile or roofing materials.


  • 5 inch x 2 inch blade size.
  • Smooth Edge / No Notches.
  • Hardwood handle with lacquer finish.
  • Ground and tempered, forged steel blade.
  • Balanced for professional use.


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