Portals Plus #72018 Plastic One-Way Breather Vent (25) - Portals Plus #72018 Plastic One-Way Breather Vent. 25/Case. Price/Case. (shipping leadtime 1-3 business days)
Portals Plus #72018 Plastic One-Way Breather Vent (25)
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Portals Plus #72018 Plastic One-Way Breather Vent. 25/Case. Price/Case.

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  • Shipping leadtime: 1-3 business days.


Portals Plus insulation Breathers and Vents are used to prevent moisture vapor from becoming trapped in the roof system, equalizing air pressure, reducing the risks of ballooning, blow-off, deteriorating insulation and separating deck seams. The Portals Plus Vents have a one way valve designed in the unit to prevent moisture from re-entering the roof system. The Portals Plus Breathers allow for both exhaust and convective movement of air between breathers. Both the Breather and Vent are available in heavy gauge spun aluminum or black high-density polyethylene with a locking, vandal proof cap that shields against entry of wind blown rain or snow.


  • The Plastic Vent is made of High Density Polyethylene (black) with a base flange diameter of 10.5 inch and a height of 7.75 inch. The stand pipe has a 5.5 inch base opening and a 2.5 inch counter flashing rain cap that is a locking, vandal proof type.

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