Quick-Disconnect Plug, Tru-Flate 3/8 x 1/4 FPT - PNEUMATIC QUICK-DISCONNECT PLUG, TRU-FLATE INTERCHANGE 3/8 BODY/PLUG x 1/4 FPT (NPTF). PRICE/EACH. (special sale, inventory clearance, qty limited)
Quick-Disconnect Plug, Tru-Flate 3/8 x 1/4 FPT
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Pneumatic Quick-Disconnect Plug, Tru-Flate Interchange 3/8 inch Body/Plug X 1/4 inch FPT (NPTF). Price/Each. (special sale, inventory clearance, qty limited)

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Quick-disconnect quick-connect pneumatic couplier. Used for many types of compresser air applications. Plugs and couplers come in 2 styles: Industrial Interchange, and Tru-Flate Interchange (also called Parker Interchange, or Tru-Flate Automotive Interchange)

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