2-1/2 x .120 Framing Nails, FRH, Sencote Finish - 2-1/2 x .120 INCH FRAMING NAILS, FRH, 21 DEG PLASTIC COLLATED, SMOOTH, SENCOTE FINISH. SENCO BRAND. 2300/BOX PRICE/BOX. (special sale, inventory reduction, qty limited)
2-1/2 x .120 Framing Nails, FRH, Sencote Finish
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Senco 0.120 X 2-1/2 inch Full Round Head, Plastic Collated, Smooth, Sencote Finish, Framing Nails. 2300/Box Price/Box.

Ordering Notes:

  • Special Sale
  • Inventory reduction, Qty limited


Senco Framing Nails is a 0.120 X 2-1/2 inch full round head with smooth sencote finish.


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