MasterFlow 555 Semi-fluid, Nonshrink mineral-aggregate grout (50lb) - BASF Masterflow 555, Semi-fluid, Nonshrink mineral-aggregate grout, 8500 PSI. 50Lb/Bag. Price/Bag. (aka BASF # 51680871)
MasterFlow 555 Semi-fluid, Nonshrink mineral-aggregate grout (50lb)
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BASF Masterflow 555, Semi-fluid, Nonshrink Mineral-aggregate Grout, 8500 PSI. 50Lb/Bag. Price/Bag. (aka BASF # 51680871)

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Masterflow 555 Grout is a semi-fluid, nonshrink mineral-aggregate grout. It is ideally suited for grouting machines or plates requiring optimum load-bearing support. It meets ASTM C 1107 and CRD C 621, Grades B and C, requirements at a semi-fluid (30 – 40 second flow) consistency over a temperature range of 50 to 85° F (10 to 29° C), and City of Los Angeles Research Report Number RR 23137. Cures to 7000 to 8500 PSI (see datasheet)


  • Commonly used as the build-up filler in pitch pans, over which SL-1 is used
  • When ease of placement of a semi-fluid grout and cost savings is desired
  • Where high one-day and later-age compressive strengths are desired
  • Where nonshrink grouting must achieve ample bearing for optimum load transfer
  • Machinery and equipment–baseplates and soleplates
  • Pre-cast wall panels, beams, and columns
  • Curtain walls, concrete systems, and other structural and nonstructural building members
  • Anchor bolts, reinforcing bars, and dowel rods
  • Grouting voids, rock pockets, and large cracks


  • Interior or exterior



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