2 Ft 12/3 Triple-Tap Power Block 110V Adaptor - CEP #8312, TRIPLE-TAP POWER BLOCK ADAPTOR,  STRAIGHT PLUG, 110V 15 AMP, 2 FEET, 12/3 STW VINYL JACKET WIRE.
2 Ft 12/3 Triple-Tap Power Block 110V Adaptor
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CEP #8312, Triple-Tap Power Block Adaptor, Straight Plug, 110V 15 Amp, 2 Feet, 12/3 STW Vinyl Jacket Wire. Price/Each.

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CEP #8312, Triple-Tap Power Block Adaptor having straight plug, 110V 15 Amp, 2 feet length, 12/3 STW vinyl jacket wire.


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