2-3/8 X .113 in. EG, Ring Shank, 8D Plastic Collated Frh Nails (5000) - 2-3/8 in. X .113 in. #8 FRAMING NAIL, 21 DEG. PLASTIC COLLATED, 9/32 in. HEAD, FULL ROUND HEAD, RING SHANK, GALVANIZED FINISH, 5000/BOX, PRICE/BOX.
2-3/8 X .113 in. EG, Ring Shank, 8D Plastic Collated Frh Nails (5000)
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2-3/8 inch X 0.113 inch #8 Framing Nail, 21 Degree Plastic Collated, 9/32 inch Head, Full Round Head, Ring Shank, Galvanized Finish. 5000/Box. Price/Box. (psc8rga/st8d113reg)


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This 2-3/8 inch long 8D farming nail is a 21 degree plastic collated nail with hot dipped galvanized construction. It has a 9/32 inch full round head and a ring shank.


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