Solid Steel 3-5 Gallon Utility Rack w/ Strap - 3 to 5 Gallon Heavy Duty Solid Steel Cooler / Utility Rack with UV resistant cinch-buckle strap. Fits 3 to 5 gallon water coolers, oversized paint buckets, propane tanks, steel gas safety cans. Made in USA. BLACK COLOR. Price/Each.
Solid Steel 3-5 Gallon Utility Rack w/ Strap
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3 to 5 Gallon Utility Rack, Heavy-Duty Solid-Steel with Adjustable, UV resistant Cinch-Buckle Strap and Zinc plated buckle. BLACK Powder Coat Finish. Price/Each.


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Do not confuse these with the light-duty cheap wire-racks. These solid, welded steel racks are built for long-term, tough duty. Constructed with solid heavy-gauge 0.050 inch steel and powder coated with a weather resistant coating. The steel strap latch is zinc plated steel. Steel frame and heavy web strap is designed to securely hold full water coolers, paint cans, propane tanks or gas safety cans safely in place, even during rough travel.


  • Commercial vehicles including contractors trucks, city and state vehicles, farm trucks, etc. RV's, Boats, etc.
  • Water coolers: 3-5 Gallon sizes
  • Gas Safety Can (fits 3-5 Gallon round steel safety/gas cans, diesel cans, etc.)
  • Propane Tanks (standard 4.5 gallon refillable tanks)
  • 5G Paint Buckets
  • Meets DOT, Marine, OSHA, and NFPA codes


  • Versatile design fits most 3 to 5 gallon water water coolers including Igloo models 431, 451, 351, 651, 551039, 351551, as well as larger 5G paint buckets, gas safety cans, and refillable propane tanks.
  • 14-3/4 inches Diameter x 10 inch High (13-3/4 inch clear inside at the base).
  • Maximum item base diameter which can be held is 13.7 inches. Upper area can hold up to 14-1/2 inches diameter.
  • Optional: #9550 model fits 5G paint cans more closely. Its 10-7/8 inch Inside diameter.
  • Made in USA.

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