2 in. Steel Cap Propac Nails (2800) - #136133 PROPAC, 2 in. EG RING SHANK COIL NAIL W/ STEEL CAP WASHER FOR NV50AP. 2800/BOX. PRICE/BOX. (75 boxes/pallet)
2 in. Steel Cap Propac Nails (2800)
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#136133 Propac 2 inch EG Nails w/ Steel Cap Washer for NV50AP Series Cap Nailers. 2800/Box. Price/Box.


  • 75 Boxes/Pallet.


The Plasti-Tacker Plus has a fastener capacity of 350 nails and caps, available in Plasti-Top and Round-Top ProPacs. Each ProPac contains 8 coils of ring shank nails and 8 reels of collated caps providing 2800 fasteners per ProPac. Fasteners are available in 7/8 inch, 1-1/4 inch, and 2 inch lengths.

Round-Top steel cap fasteners provide greater holding power. Heads do not pop off and the low smooth profile prevents mop snags and bulging in multi-layer roofs. when used for built-up modified and single ply on nailable wood roof decks.


  • Length: 2 inch
  • Shank Diameter: 0.083 inch
  • Shank Style: Ring
  • Shank Finish: Electro Galvanized
  • Cap: Plastic, 1 inch Round
  • Box Quantity: 2,800 (each, caps and nails)

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