Mini Snow Guard by Glacier (1) - Snow Guard, Glacier # MGSG01 Clear Polycarbonate Mini Snow Guard. Price/Each. SUPER SALE.
Mini Snow Guard by Glacier (1)
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PRODUCT: # MGSG01, Mini Snow Guard. Made from clear solid Polycarbonate (Lexan). 1.5" wide x 5" long with a 2" high guard. Price/Each.


APPLICATIONS: Recommended for use in smaller areas and overhangs where the larger Snow Guard is not practical. Can be used on all types of roofs including metal, EPDM, PVC, slate and asphalt shingles.

SPECIFICATIONS: One of the strongest Mini Snow Guards available on the market today. Made from super tough polycarbonate material for the greatest available performance and durability.

  • Narrow footprint enables the MINI Glacier Snow Guard to fit where larger Snow Guards won't.
  • Designed for overhangs and narrow valleys found on typical rooftops.
  • Exclusive waffle design tread on the bottom provides maximum holding power (using recommended adhesive sealants). This holding power is such that fasteners are not required -- eliminating penetrations and sources of leaks.
  • Two oversized structural ribs for superior strength.
  • Exclusive waffle design tread on the bottom for maximum holding power.
  • Clear Glacier Snow Guards are practically invisible on all roof types.
  • Custom colors available. Please call.
  • 1.5" Wide x 5" Long with a 2" High Guard.
  • 6 Pre-molded #8 cone-head screw holes are provided for mechanical fasteners, if needed.

INSTALLATION: Glacier's Snow Guards are designed with an oversize footprint that provides a large bonding area for adhesive installation. Glacier's snow guards are approved for adhesive installation with with the recommended construction adhesive sealants. Or you can use both adhesive and fasteners if desired. Adhesive only is recommended by manufacturer.

Layout Patterns
Installation Instructions
Commentary on Snow Loads
Snow Load Calculations
SB-190 Factory Recommended: Super strength structural adhesive/sealant.
MasterSeal NP 125 Structural Sealant & Adhesive

One tube installs 17 to 20 of the Mini Guards.

NOTE: If snowguards come loose, it indicates you have not installed enough Snowguards to sustain the snow load or melting snow conditions. It is not a failure of the adhesive system or the snowguards. See installation details and snow load calculations.

Mini Glacier Snow Guard Dimensions

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