2 x .113 Stainless 6D Nail, RING, Collated, FRH Box, 2500 - 2 in. X .113 in. STAINLESS STEEL RING SHANK 6D, 20-22 DEGREE PLASTIC COLLATED , 9/32 in. DIAMETER FULL ROUND BOX HEAD, 2500/BOX. PRICE/BOX.
2 x .113 Stainless 6D Nail, RING, Collated, FRH Box, 2500
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  PRODUCT: 2" x .113" Nail, 304 Stainless Steel, Ring Shank, 9/32" Full Round Box Head, 20-22 Degree Plastic Collated
2500/Box. Price/Box.

APPLICATIONS: Decking, Framing, Joist Hangers, Etc.

20-22 Degree Plastic Collated
304 Grade Stainless Steel
Ring Shank

Bostitch N88RH
Hitachi NR83A, NR83A2, NR83A2-S, NR90AC, NR90AC2
Makita AN922
Porter Cable FR350A, FR350MAG, FR350NC
Senco SN60, 
FRAME-PRO™ series

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