Uni-Tile Sealer LV, Epoxy-Polyamide Penetrating Primer-Sealer (10G) - UNI-TILE SEALER LV, 2-component, quick drying epoxy-polyamide solvent based penetrating primer/sealer. Dries Clear. 10-gallon kit (5G A + 5G B parts). Price/Kit. (leadtime 1 week; special order; UPS ground or truck shipment)
Uni-Tile Sealer LV, Epoxy-Polyamide Penetrating Primer-Sealer (10G)
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UNI-TILE SEALER LV, two-component, quick drying epoxy-polyamide solvent based penetrating primer/sealer. Dries clear. 10-gallon kit (5G A + 5G B components). Price/Kit.

Ordering Notes:

  • Shipping leadtime: 1 week.
  • Flammable; High VOC
  • Special order; UPS ground or truck shipment.


UNI-TILE SEALER is a two-component, quick drying epoxy polyamide penetrating primer/sealer. Ideal for concrete but also works on wood and other porous surfaces. Penetrates and seals porous surfaces to improve adhesion, block moisture, increase chemical resistance and improve substrate quality. This unique primer is especially formulated to penetrate and seal porous or problem surfaces before application of many of UNITED’S coating systems, such as RhinoTop or RoofMate. It can also be used indoors to seal surfaces.


UNI-TILE SEALER is used to seal and densify porous substrates (that are solvent resistant) and to improve adhesion when applying epoxy, acrylic or polyurethane topcoats.

Cool Deck Recoats: Its ideal for improving distressed pool area Cool-deck surfaces before recoating with RhinoTop. The Uni-Tile Sealer can be mixed with acetone/toluene/xylene (1:1 with other 2 parts) to improve penetration on Cool-decks into the base concrete. This added penetration helps prevent future moisture related deck adhesion problems and improves resistance to moisture and chemicals.

UNI-TILE SEALER is also a superior concrete floor finish for use in food and meat processing plants, animal holding facilities, and industrial or warehouse floors where chemical and abrasion resistance, as well as clean-ability are required. If used on exterior surfaces without an approved topcoat, UNI-TILE SEALER will amber or darken with sun exposure. Do not use over substrates which are not solvent resistant.


  • Mixed Usable Pot Life:
  • 48 hours @ 75°F (24°C), 50% R.H.

    24 hours @ 95°F (35°C), 50% R.H.

  • Solids by Weight (Mixed): 18% (±1) [ASTM D 2369]
  • Solids by Volume (Mixed): 15% (±1) [ASTM D 2697]
  • Dry Time to Touch: 30 minutes at 75°F (24°C), 50% R.H.
  • Cure Time: 3-4 hours at 75°F (24°C), 50% R.H.
  • Low & High Temperature Limits: -70°F to 150°F (-56°C to 66°C)


  • ADHESION: The penetrating action of UNI-TILE SEALER imparts a tenacious chemical and physical bond to concrete, brick, wood, fiberglass, plaster or drywall, cementitious products. This sealer creates an excellent bond with most topcoats to these substrates.
  • APPROVED: UNI-TILE SEALER is approved and authorized by U.S.D.A. for use in Federally Inspected meat and poultry processing plants. It is also approved for use in animal holding facilities by Federal agencies.
  • SOLVENT RESISTANT AND NON-LIFTING: Any of UNITED’S coatings may be applied over cured UNI-TILE SEALER without lifting or bubbling this solvent resistant primer/sealer.
  • DEEP PENETRATION: The thin viscosity of the liquid allows UNI-TILE SEALER to penetrate very small crevices and preserve and densify dense steel troweled concrete, float finish concrete, sandblasted concrete, degraded concrete or similar surfaces. Deeper penetration can be achieved by first diluting with acetone, up to 1:1 (this may extend cure times).
  • ELIMINATES CONCRETE DUSTING: In-depth protection eliminates concrete dusting and affords years of minimum maintenance.
  • ANTI-SPALLING: Applied to concrete decks, walks, industrial areas, etc., UNITILE SEALER has effectively protected concrete from intrusion of destructive salts, oils, solvents and gasoline. It prevents damage from freezing and spalling, preserving concrete in a stable condition.
  • SHELF LIFE: Shelf life of Part A and Part B components in unopened containers is nearly unlimited. Store at temperatures between 50°F and 100°F (10°C to 38°C).



Coverage rates will vary depending upon surface porosity. One coat is usually sufficient for sealing of concrete and wood surfaces prior to top coating. Two coats may be required if substrate is extremely porous (wood) or when the UNI-TILE SEALER is being used on its own as a floor sealer. Apply UNI-TILE SEALER at the following approximate rates: Concrete: 250-300 sq. ft./gallon (6.1 to 7.3 m²/l) Lightweight Concrete: 100 sq. ft./gallon (2.4 m²/l) Wood: 300 sq. ft./gallon (7.3 m²/l). UNI-TILE SEALER should be top-coated, if appropriate, within 24 hours of application. At no time shall any topcoat be applied after 48 hours following application, as it will not achieve a chemical bond with the UNI-TILE SEALER. Recoating with UNITILE is required.


UNI-TILE SEALER has been tested for chemical resistance against many common industrial chemical cleaners and solvents. For floors subjected to acids or unusual chemical spillage, consult UNITED’S Technical Service Department for recommendations.


Solvents in UNI-TILE SEALER are flammable while liquid. Use only in a well ventilated area. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flame, or lighted cigarettes. Use explosion-proof application equipment which has been grounded and bonded. Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of vapor or spray mist. Approved (MSHA/NIOSH) chemical cartridge respirator should be worn by applicator. Avoid contact with eyes and contact with skin.

MSDS: For additional information on safety requirements, refer to OSHA guidelines and UNI-TILE SEALER. Material Safety Data Sheet.

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