Invisi-Fast Deck Fasteners ANY ANGLE No Bar, 100 Piece w/SS Screws - # IF-SS100-000, 100 piece Invisi-Fast NO-spacebar, Invisible Deck Fastener Kit with SS Screws. Kit includes 100 no-spacebar and 300 1-1/8 in. Stainless Steel screws.
Invisi-Fast Deck Fasteners ANY ANGLE No Bar, 100 Piece w/SS Screws
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# IF-SS100-000 Invisi-Fast No-Spacerbar Invisible Deck Fastener Kit with Stainless Steel Screws. Price/Kit.

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The 100 piece kit comes with 100 pieces with no-spacebar and 300 1-1/8 inch Stainless Steel screws. The Invisi-Fast Fasteners are made of tough, UV resistant Lexan to ensure durability. The built on board spacer ensures proper spacing while keeping a clean, "screw-less" top. Proudly made in the USA.


    The No-Spacebar hidden deck fasteners in this kit are recommended for use with custom applications. Other materials use the following:

  • Composite Decking
  • Manufacturer's Recommended Spacing Chart

1/8" 3/16" 1/4"
Correct Deck Geodeck Trex
Timber-Tech Weather Best Rhino Deck
EverGrain Decking   Universal Forest Products
Elk Cross Timbers   Latitudes Composite Decking
Fiberon Professional    
Series Decking    


  • Under deck design helps prevent premature wood rotting around fastener while creating a clean look from above.
  • Helps keep labor costs down. (compared to other hidden deck fastening systems)
  • No special tools needed to install.
  • Will not corrode like galvanized deck fasteners.
  • Easy to install for the average homeowner.


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