10 In. Aura Ventilator,  2 Inch Collar for Shingle Roof - 10 In. inside diameter Aura Ventilator with 16x16 inch base flange and 2 inch  Collar height. For residential Shingle Roof. All aluminum, mill finish. Price/Each.
10 In. Aura Ventilator, 2 Inch Collar for Shingle Roof
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10 inch Inside Diameter Aura Ventilator With 16 x 16 inch Base Flange And 2 inch Collar Height. For Residential Shingle Roof. All Aluminum, Mill Finish. Price/Each.

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10 inch inside diameter Aura Ventilator with 16 x 16 inch base flange and 2 inch collar height. It effectively draws out air from the attic without moving parts. Features durable all aluminum construction.


  • For roof pitch maximum 7/12
  • Recommended for asphalt/shingle roofs
  • Permanent replacement for wind turbine ventilators
  • Includes Aura all aluminum square flange base for venting shingle roofs


  • Effectively draws out air from the attic without moving parts
  • Vent comes with a square base for easy roof installation
  • Remove the square base so the Aura Vent can be retro-fitted onto turbine bases and vent pipes
  • Lower energy costs during winter & summer
  • Tested for Texas Insurance, at wind speeds exceeding 200 mph
  • Max. Pitch capacity 7/12
  • Min. Pitch capacity 2/12
  • Application per sq. ft. 327
  • Net free vent area 78 sq.in.
  • Height of head 6 inch
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in U.S.A


  • Available in 4 inch to 48 inch inside diameters (effective net free areas of 12 to 1808 square inches)
  • Powder coating available
  • Curb mount flange is available
  • Roof curb for installation is available


The Aura Ventilator does not need an adjustable base. It can be installed parallel to the roof for a lower profile.

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