EternaBond DoubleStick Seam Tape, 60 mil., 1 in. x 50 ft. Roll - EternaBond DoubleStick Seam Tape, 1 inch x 50 ft., 60 mils thick. General purpose roof repair sealant. Price/Roll. (aka EB-6D010-50R / 76476)
EternaBond DoubleStick Seam Tape, 60 mil., 1 in. x 50 ft. Roll
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PRODUCT: EternaBond DoubleStick Seam Tape, 1 in. x 50 ft., 60 mil. thick. General purpose roof repair sealant. Price/Roll. (aka EB-6D010-50R / 76476)

  • Lap seam sealant and repair sealant.
  • Asphalt Shingle Repair.
  • General purpose seam sealant in tape form.
  • Sticks or Re-sticks anything to anything (except silicone surfaces).
  • Marine and tough environments.
  • Extreme weather sealant.
  • Moldable gaskets.
  • Bonds metal, rubber, plastic, wood, glass, painted surfaces, concrete, tile, shingles, asphalt surfaces, EPDM, TPO, underwater repairs, etc. Primer is recommended with TPO.
  • Limitations: not for use over silicone surfaces; not a structural adhesive (permanently soft and elastic).
FEATURES: Eternabond's DoubleStick is an extremely aggressive high performance sealing adhesive. It never cures or shrinks. Stays permanently soft and elastic.
  • Self Priming. Can be used WITHOUT primer on all types of flat roof systems.
  • Sticky on both sides, and is used as a lap seam / asphalt shingle repair adhesive sealant.
  • DoubleStick is also ideal for marine applications and forms permanent seals to all types of materials (except silicone surfaces).
  • DoubleStick can be double-layered, stacked, folded or rolled into a bead for areas that need a thicker sealing area.
  • Moldable 2-sided permanent gasket material.
  • Seals any 2 opposing surfaces to form a permanent watertight seam.
  • Seals, waterproofs and repairs any surface.
  • 60 mil thick product sticks to granulated shingles. It also easily stacks or folds to increase thickness as needed.
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