5-Gallon Type-1 Safety Can, Steel, Yellow Diesel, w/ Funnel - EAGLE 5 GALLON TYPE-1, YELLOW COLOR, STEEL DIESEL SAFETY CAN WITH FUNNEL. PRICE/EACH.
5-Gallon Type-1 Safety Can, Steel, Yellow Diesel, w/ Funnel
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Eagle 5 Gallon, Type-1, Yellow Color, Steel Diesel Safety Can With Funnel. Price/Each.

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Eagle 5 Gallon, Type-1, Steel Diesel Safety Can includes funnel which is required for all OSHA job sites and work environments. Durable steel handle. Its heavy-duty steel design and rugged construction is safe for industrial storage and transport of flammables. FM approved "Open Wide" spout allows faster, easy filling and emptying. Double mesh flash arrester. YELLOW high-gloss, solvent resistant, baked on enamel finish, the proper color for diesel & gasoline applications.


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