3 inch, 4#, Lead Vent Pipe Cap / Counter Flashing (1) - #LC375, 3 in., 4#, Lead Cap / Counter Flashing for 3 in. Vent Pipe (fits L375). Price/Each.
3 inch, 4#, Lead Vent Pipe Cap / Counter Flashing (1)
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#LC375, 3 inch, 4#, Lead Cap / Counter Flashing for 3 inch Vent Pipe (fits L375). Price/Each.

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Counter Flashing for Vent Pipe. The L-Series Flashing with Counter Flashing protects the entire vent pipe making it watertight. The seamless counter flashing ties the vent pipe and flashing together without compromising the integrity of the flashing. Venting capacity is maximized while the pipe and or flashing are allowed to expand and contract. The counter flashing is simply placed on top of the flashing and fits snugly within the pipe and over the flashing. No caulking or fastening is required.

Used With:

  • 3 inch Pipes (3.5 inch OD) and #L375 series Pipe Flashings.

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