Orange Citrus Waterless Hand Cleaner (12) - Orange Citrus Based Heavy Duty Waterless Hand Cleaner. 12 One Pint Bottles/case. Price/Case.
Orange Citrus Waterless Hand Cleaner (12)
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Orange Citrus Based, Heavy Water less Hand Cleaner/Tar remover. 12 one pint bottles/case. Price/Case.

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Citra Clean is a water less hand cleaner that uses the power of all natural orange peel extracts to lift and remove the most stubborn dirt and grease. This premium formula contains special detergents and mild grit to remove the stubborn grim that ordinary soaps won't touch. It is fortified with an emollient to keep hands soft and comfortable.


  • Formulated with nature’s own detergents - extracts from orange peels with a mildly gritty pumice.
  • Cuts through dirt and grease.
  • Fortified with lanolin and special emollients.
  • Prevent redness and chapping.
  • Rinsing with water is not necessary.
  • Wipes clean with towel or rag.
  • Contains no petroleum solvents.

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