Dow 157957 Tile Bond Roof Tile Adhesive, Tank Only - Dow #157957 TILE BOND™ TANK ONLY. 23 Lbs of Adhesive in tank. Price/Tank. 40 Tanks/ Pallet. (Ground shipment only; special order 14+ day leadtime).
Dow 157957 Tile Bond Roof Tile Adhesive, Tank Only
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PRODUCT: Dow #157957, TILE BOND™ Tank only. 23 Lbs of Adhesive. Price/Tank.

(Ground shipment only. Not air ship-able. No express shipping. Special order 14+ day lead time; order minimums may apply)

40 Tanks/ pallet. Free freight on pallet quantities to many areas in continental U.S.

APPLICATION: Provides about 550-640 lineal feet of adhesive. Use together with KIT. Use 3-4 # 157957 tanks with each # #157849 TANK KIT. A convenient to use single-component aerosol dispensed polyurethane adhesive for attachment of concrete and clay roof tiles.

TILE BOND adhesive is approved for installation of most low/flat, medium, high and two-piece barrel (cap and pan) profiles of roof tile in new and re-roof applications.

Can also be use to create walk-paths on roofs.

TILE BOND provides great attachment strength, minimizes nail penetrations, reduces roof weight loads. Enables creation of walk paths by using under all tiles to be walked upon to service roof top equipment. Superior dispensing equipment supplies the adhesives in a highly consistent manner. Cures in less than an hour in most weather conditions.

Tile Bond application

PACKAGING: Also available in tanks with 23lbs of adhesive for larger jobs.


* Class A Rated (ASTM E-108)
* Listed with SBCCI
* South Florida Building Code
* Metro-Dade NO. 01-1011.01 (includes a good summary of installation requirements)
(includes details of underlayment system.
* UL Class I Listed (ASTM E-84)
* Wisconsin Commerce Appr. #970107-0

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