Acrysheen Clear Semi-Gloss Penetrating Sealant (5G) - Acrysheen Clear Semi-Gloss Penetrating Sealant for Concrete, Flagstone, Paint and Masonry. 5 Gallon Bucket. Price/Bucket. (shipping leadtime 1 week)
Acrysheen Clear Semi-Gloss Penetrating Sealant (5G)
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Acrysheen Clear Semi-Gloss Penetrating Sealant for Concrete, Flagstone, Paint and Masonry. 5 Gallon Bucket. Price/Bucket.

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  • Shipping leadtime 1 week.


ACRYSHEEN is a water-based epoxy, penetrating sealer designed to produce a clear, semi-gloss surface sheen. It is manufactured from non-yellowing, 100% acrylic resins to form a durable finish that provides long term water repellency, dirt and graffiti resistance, and weather protection.


  • Non-yellowing Prevents moisture staining of surfaces
  • Minimizes efflorescence
  • Excellent ultraviolet resistance
  • Facilitates graffiti or stain removal
  • Protects against industrial airborne chemicals
  • Reduces soil and fume absorption
  • Minimizes run-down discoloration
  • Conforms to all VOC regulations
  • Reduces spalling and deterioration
  • Single package – No shelf or pot life problems
  • Water-Based – No flammable solvents
  • Long term durability


ACRYSHEEN was specifically developed as a penetrating sealer for use over properly prepared smooth or textured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, brick, stone or stucco surfaces where a semi-gloss sheen is desired. It also has the durability required for use over exposed aggregate and other surfaces on vertical or horizontal applications. Excellent over Rhino Top product.

ACRYSHEEN imparts a slick, semi-gloss film over a variety of substrates, providing for increased dirt pick-up and graffiti resistance.

It can be used as a topcoat over numerous types of new or existing finishes on roofs, walls and decks to provide sheen, graffiti resistance and/or ease of clean-ability.

Provides a beautiful semi-gloss finish to Flagstone and similar products. Highlights natural color and textures. Protects from stains and dirt. Improves water and light traffic resistance.

It is also effective in rejuvenating aged and/or oxidized skylights.

Its non-sacrificial characteristics allow removal of graffiti without the need to reseal the cleaned surfaces.

Successful removal of graffiti stains will vary greatly depending on type of graffiti material used, time that passes prior to cleaning and number of times graffiti is removed.

ACRYSHEEN will protect the substrate against atmospheric deterioration with a clear, semi-gloss film that provides water-repellency and surface sheen without significantly altering the natural color or texture of the substrate.

UNITED recommends that a sample test area be applied, and approval be obtained, prior to any general application of the material.

ACRYSHEEN may bring out the natural color of the particular concrete or masonry surface being sealed, resulting in a darkened appearance, as if wetted. Apply the test area on an inconspicuous area of the actual building to determine the optimum coverage rate to achieve uniformity of sheen, as well as to determine the suitability of the application technique.


All surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry, fully cured, and free of dirt, dust, oil, curing or form release agents, efflorescence, scale, or other contaminants that could inhibit optimum adhesion. Existing coatings that are loose, cracked or peeling must be completely removed.

ACRYSHEEN is a natural penetrating sealer designed to wet into the surface to which it is applied.

Surfaces such as glazed brick, smooth dense brick, glass fiber reinforced concrete, and dense, steel-trowelled concrete must be etched or abraded prior to application of ACRYSHEEN to allow for maximum penetration. An adhesion enhancing additive is also available for application over tile and other slick surfaces.

For application in high humidity areas, ACRYSHEEN AR will provide increased resistance to algae, mold and mildew growth.

ACRYSHEEN can be applied over most existing paints or coatings where additional sheen and/or cleanability is desired. As it will be unable to penetrate into the substrate on these applications, the existing finish must be sound and well adhered, as well as clean and dry.


Substrate Square Feet/Gallon Estimated Total*

Concrete 125 to 150 (3.0 to 3.9 m²/l)

Exposed Aggregate 75 to 100 (1.8 to 2.4 m²/l) Brick, Stone 125 to 150 (3.0 to 3.9 m²/l)

Stucco 60 to 75 (1.4 to 1.8 m²/l)

Existing Coating 150 to 175 (3.9 to 4.2 m²/l)

These estimates are totals for two separate applications. Apply approximately half the total number of gallons in each of the two coats. The above absorption (coverage) rates are provided for estimating purposes only. Coverage rates will vary with texture and porosity of the substrate. Allow for additional material when estimating coverage over highly textured or porous surfaces.


Apply ACRYSHEEN with a paint brush, roller or pump garden sprayer. ACRYSHEEN can also be applied with airless spray equipment capable of 1,000 psi (6,980 kPa) and 1/2 gallon per minute (1.9 l/minute).

For maximum production on large projects, airless spray equipment capable of 2,000 psi (13,780 kPa) and 1 gallon per minute (3.8 l/minute) delivery should be used. A reversible self-cleaning spray tip with orifice size of .013 inch to .017 inch (.330 to .425 mm) and minimum 40 degree fan angle is recommended.

Apply ACRYSHEEN in two separate coats except where a single application gives the desired surface finish. Spray or brush each application in a uniform horizontal direction, followed by a uniform overlapping vertical direction. Hold the spray gun not more than 18 inch (45 cm) from surface. Avoid runs or sags. Thinning should not be necessary when applying ACRYSHEEN over exposed aggregate or other similar surfaces.

Over dense substrates ACRYSHEEN may be reduced with clean water to achieve the desired consistency for adequate penetration.

Other restoration work and caulking should be completed prior to application of the ACRYSHEEN . Most standard caulking compounds are compatible with surfaces previously treated with ACRYSHEEN , however, field testing should be performed for confirmation.

Clean pump, tools and other equipment with fresh water. Flush water from the pump and hoses with Mineral Spirits for storage.


ACRYSHEEN should not be applied over wet surfaces or wood substrates, however, concrete and masonry surfaces can be coated while slightly damp. In locations that are typically hot and arid, it can be beneficial to pre-dampen the surface prior to the application of ACRYSHEEN . ACRYSHEEN is a water-based sealer. Care must be taken during storage and shipment to ensure that temperatures do not fall below 32°F (0°C). Do not apply ACRYSHEEN at temperatures below 50°F (10°C). Cool temperatures and high humidity will retard cure.

Avoid breathing of vapor or spray mist. Approved (MSHA/NIOSH) chemical cartridge respirator should be worn by applicator. For additional information on safety requirements, refer to OSHA guidelines and ACRYSHEEN Material Safety Data Sheet.

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