#14 x 1-1/8 SX Stainless HWH TEK, Bond Seal (250) - #14-11 x 1-1/8 SX AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEEL SCREW, #3 SELF DRILL TEK, 5/16 HWH WITH 5/8 OD BOND SEAL WASHER. 250/BOX. PRICE/BOX. (SFS SX3 #1141978)
#14 x 1-1/8 SX Stainless HWH TEK, Bond Seal (250)
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#14-11 X 1-1/8 inch SX Austenitic Stainless Steel Screw, #3 Self Drill TEK, 5/16 inch HWH with 5/8 inch OD Bond Seal Washer. 250/Box. Price/Box. (SFS SX3 #1141978)


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The stainless steel metal to metal fastener is designed to self-drill and join metal panels in roofing and siding applications. Fasteners are engineered to have low driving torque and provide maximum clamp load. Oversize bond seal washer design is ideal for metal panels in roofing and sidewalls.


  • SX Austenitic stainless fasteners come with either a carbon steel spade point or the Bi-metal welded carbon steel point.
  • SX Austenitic stainless product line offers fastening solutions for attaching panels from very thin to over 1/2 inch structural steel.
  • Provides ultimate corrosion performance for attaching steel, stainless or aluminum panels.
  • Designed for secured attachment to both panel and substructures.
  • Provides the corrosion protection of stainless with the drill performance of a carbon steel fastener.
  • Assembled with stainless Bond Seal washer.
  • Stainless self-drill fasteners are engineered to have low driving torque and provide maximum clamp load.
  • Excellent drill performance in light, medium, and heavy gauge applications.
  • Washer O.D designed for both sidewall and roof panel attachment.


  • Available painted, sizes up to 3 inches Length, or with 3/4 inch OD Washer. Please email for pricing.

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