6 in. Forged Turnbuckle Body, 7/8 in. Thread Size (10) - #TBS786 FORGED STEEL TURNBUCKLE BODY, A = 7/8 in. Thread Size, B = 6 in. Body Take-Up, C = 8-9/16 in. Overall Length, 7200 Lb. Capacity. 10/Bag. Price/Bag.
6 in. Forged Turnbuckle Body, 7/8 in. Thread Size (10)
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#TBS786 TurnBuckle Body. 10/Bag. Price/Bag.

A = 3/4 inch Thread Size

B = 6 inch Body Take-Up

C = 8-9/16 inch Overall Length

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Turnbuckles are rated with full thread engagement. Use caution to insure proper installation. "Rated Capacity" refers to a straight zero degree pull. Pulling at an angle can reduce the rated capacity significantly. Safety Factor equals 2.5 Rated Capacity. Meets specification FF-T-791b, Type 1, Form 1. Use of substandard components will reduce rated capacity.

Design Type: BODY ONLY
Material: 1045 Carbon Steel
Process: Hot Forged
Finish: As forged (self colored)
Thead Type: UNC



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