7/8 in. Forged Anchor Shackle, Hot Dip Galv. (10) - #SPG078 7/8 INCH FORGED-STEEL SCREW-PIN ANCHOR SHACKLE, 1 INCH Pin Diameter X 5-13/16 INCH Overall, Hot Dip Galvavized, 13,000 lb. capacity. Price/10.
7/8 in. Forged Anchor Shackle, Hot Dip Galv. (10)
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PRODUCT: #SPG078 7/8" FORGED-STEEL SCREW-PIN ANCHOR SHACKLE, 1-1/8" Pin Diameter X 5-13/16", 13000 lb. capacity. Price/10.
Design Type: Screw Pin
Material: 1045 Carbon Steel
Process: Forged
Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized
  1. Meets specification RR-C-271b, Type IV, Class-1
  2. Use CAUTION w hen lifting. Any angle beyond vertical (zero degree) w ill reduce the rated capacity.
  3. Safety factor is 2X the Rated Capacity. Minimum breaking strength is 6X Rated Capacity.
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