1/2 In. x 3/4 In. Swivel Hoist Ring, 4.78 In. Bale - #SHR013 1/2 In. x 3/4 In. SHANK SWIVEL HOIST RING. A = 1/2 In. Shank Diameter, C = 3/4 In. Shank Length, 4.78 In. Bale, 2500 Lb. Capacity. Price/Each.
1/2 In. x 3/4 In. Swivel Hoist Ring, 4.78 In. Bale
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A = 1/2" Shank Diameter
C = 3/4" Shank Length
B = 4.78" (Bale).
Capacity = 2500 lb.
Design Type: Full Swivel and Pivot
Material: Alloy Steel
Process: Machined / Tooled
Finish: Black Oxide
Thead Type: UNC 2A
 (sizes 1" and above with 8 thread pitch)



  1. Full shank thread to shoulder. Use torque chart above for proper installation.
  2. See safe lifting chart. This product rated at angular lifts.
  3. Use CAUTION when lifting. At lift, the ring should be free, do not force against stationary item, edge or hook.
  4. Safety Factor is 5X Rated Capacity.
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