7/8 in. Backer Rod, D-Shaped Foam (1650 Ft) - 7/8 D-SHAPED FOAM BACKER ROD, OPEN CELL YELLOW FOAM. 825 FT/BALE, 2 BALES/MASTER BAG (1650 feet total). PRICE/MASTER BAG. (UPS Shipment only)
7/8 in. Backer Rod, D-Shaped Foam (1650 Ft)
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7/8 D-Shaped Foam Backer Rod, Open Cell Yellow Foam. 825 ft./Bale, 2 Bales/Master Bag (1650 feet total). Price/Master Bag.

Ordering Notes:

  • UPS Shipment only.


D-Shaped (1/2 round rod). Yellow polyethylene extruded open cell foam. Provides controlled depth for sealants. Compatible with all know types of sealants and chinking materials including butyl, polyurethane, silicones, tri-polyimer, polysulfide, acrylic, etc. Meets ASTM D5249, C1330 D1056. Foam allows air to both sides of sealant, increasing cure rates.


  • Log Homes, Log Cabins
  • Tight fitting expansion joints
  • V-Shaped sealant applications, or where trapezoid backer rod would be used


  • Density: 1.7 lbs/ft3 ASTM D 1622
  • Tensile: 25 lbs/sq inch ASTM D 1623
  • Moisture Absorption: .024% by volume ASTM C 509
  • Out Gassing: None
  • Temperature Service Range: -60ºF to +400ºF U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards
  • Auto Ignition: 700-800ºF
  • Elongation: 90% ASTM D 3574
  • Air Flow: 90% ASTM D 3574
  • Compression set 5% or less (after 80% compression for 30 days) ASTM D 3574



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